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tea party favors2a goal, no plastic toys as party favors. okay, this is a toughie because parties basically equal plastic. they do. it’s hard to fill a goodie bag without using plastic. and it makes sense to save money when having a party, but cutting corners at the expense of the environment doesn’t help anyone in the long run. and let’s face it, how many of our “plastic goodies” just end up in the garbage the day after the party? every once in a while I will use a plastic toy, but my favorite alternative is to give one great gift that is handmade (either bought or made myself). for example, these cute handmade cupcakes were part of the take home party favor for this tea party birthday and they were ordered from etsy. just make sure your brilliant handmade gift won’t end up in the trash too.

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tea sandwich tut


1. You will need: 2 pieces of soft white bread, peanut or almond butter, jam, a flower cookie cutter and a 1″ biscuit cutter.
2. Place the flower cookie cutter onto the bread and keep adjusting it until you can fit the whole shape on the slice. Press firmly and cut out the flower shape. Do this to both pieces.
3. Use the biscuit cutter to cut out the middle circle of the “flower” on only one piece, which will become the top of the sandwich.
4. Dot the flower petals on the bottom piece with peanut butter.
5. Add a dollop of jam to the center, making it bigger than the circle cut out of the top piece. Put the top piece of bread onto the bottom piece of bread, lining up the flower petals.
6. Serve it up with some pretend tea and enjoy!
tea party food1

Girly girl tea parties are the perfect occasion to use fresh flowers. So think outside of the box on this one and use some cute teapots to hold your bouquets. And for simplicity I like to put just one kind of flower in each pot.
tea party flower
tea party flower3

This week I’m featuring a tea party that I helped a dear, dear friend with. This was actually my “first” party. Or maybe you could call it a pre-party. I think I’ve progressed a lot since then and I’m so grateful to this friend for letting me practice on her. Thanks Brook!

She had the darling idea to use mismatched tea cups and saucers from the thrift store and then to send them home with the guests as a gift. She let her daughter pick out the dishes.
tea party table full2

This might be a little predictable, but I love the little dish sets from IKEA. So mini and so darling, we own them all. They aren’t plastic, which is another huge reason that I love them.
Ikea plate set
Ikea tea set
Ikea utensils

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