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This was my first “officially” unofficial party. I wasn’t ever going to post this party because when I look at it I only see the things that I could do better now. But my friend reassures me that she loved it.

A happy birthday banner.
tea party banner
The infamous Marth Stewart tissue balls.
tea party decoration
Party perfect tea party treats from Tres Sucre.
tea party dessert
tea party dessert2
The party favors: a chenille cupcake tucked inside mismatched tea cups.
tea party favors
The tea party food.
tea party food2
Cupcakes with the guests’ names stamped on a cookie tops them.
tea party setting
The whole tea party table.
tea party whole table
tea party whole table2
Party Pictures by Brook Andreoli.

A Tea Party is a classic theme that never goes out of style. From young toddlers to grown women, we all enjoy a fabulous tea party. Stay tuned this week for some fun ways to make your next tea party unique and special.

Tea Party Invite

Today is all about a good invitation. You can download these adorable printable Tea Party Invitations below. Just print, fill out the party information, and mail. Or, you could go an extra step by adding a little glitter! And, who doesn’t want a little glitter at their party?

To add the glitter to your invitations you will need: invitation printable, glue, brush, and glitter.

First, print and cut out the invitations. It’s hard to see from the second picture, but gently brush glue around the edges of the invitation. Next, lay the invitation down and pour glitter all around the edges. Gently pick the invitation up and tap off the excess glitter. Let the invitation dry before putting it into an envelope.

Tea Party Invitation How To

Tea Party Invitation

Tea Party Invitations

A classic Tea Party requires pretty tea party hats. To help your guests look their best, provide supplies to decorate these mini hats. Decorating small tea party hats is a great party activity or you can pre-decorate them and give them out as party favors. These hats also fit 18″ dolls if you are hosting a girls and dolls tea party.

tea party hats

To make crepe paper flowers you will need: crepe paper, scissors, glue stick

First, cut out 4 circles approximately 2 inches wide. Take one of the circles and place glue on the bottom third. Roll the circle together to create a bud. Place glue on another crepe paper circle and roll it with the bud. Continue adding the remaining 2 circles to create a small rose bud.

tea party hat diy

To finish the hats you will need: straw doll hats (found at Hobby Lobby), ribbon, crepe paper flowers, low heat glue gun, and bobby pins

Depending on the age of your guests, either help them decorate their own hats, or have the hats pre-decorated for the guests when they arrive. To decorate, just carefully hot glue flowers or ribbon on to the hats. Use the bobby pins to pin the hats into your guest’s hair.

mini tea party hat

mini tea party hat

tea party hats

Make coordinating Tea Party cake stands to wow your guests. It’s always the small details that make a Tea Party memorable. You can use the printable provided below, or any scrapbook or decorative paper that matches your party.

tea party cake stand

You Will Need: unfinished porcelain cake stand (this one is from Michaels), Time for Tea printable (download below), white acrylic paint, brush, Mod Podge

First, paint the entire cake stand, except for the top, with the white acrylic paint. Line your paper to be centered on top of your cake stand. Flip the cake stand over and use a pencil to draw a circle, around the cake stand, on to your paper. Cut the circle out of the paper. Brush Mod Podge onto the back of the paper and gently place the paper onto the top of the cake stand. Push out any air bubbles. Turn the cake stand over, on a flat surface, and place some heavy books on top. This will help the paper from bubbling as it dries. The last step, once the glue has dried, is to brush over the entire stand with Mod Podge to seal it. This cake stand is not food safe, and should not come into direct contact with food.

tea party cake stand

This craft makes the perfect little stand to hold a half dozen adorable cupcakes! Try these gold crown baking cups to hold your cupcakes. And sprinkle a few edible gold stars on top for extra glam.

tea party cake stand

tea party cake stand

tea party cake stand

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