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I love my husband. No, this isn’t going to be one of those cheesy, gushy posts about how wonderful he is. In fact those kinds of tributes make my heart hurt. My husband’s not perfect. I’m not perfect. Our marriage has never been perfect. If yours is, then I envy you that. We have had our share of trials: four unplanned pregnancies that resulted in our four amazing children, a few unexpected job changes (his), one life threatening medical emergency (mine), plus a bunch of other things sprinkled in to challenge two very stubborn people. I’ve been thinking a lot about all of this lately and I’m so grateful that we have stuck it out. To show him my undying devotion, every year I usually host a fabulous birthday party in his honor and invite some of his highschool buddies and their wives. The Freudian explanation (or Dr. Phil, you pick) is that my mom always threw us kids the most incredible birthday parties as a way to show us that she loved us. The only problem is that my husband doesn’t see it as love—he sees it as work, since he always has to help me. He likes simple parties with good food and friends. Poor guy, he’s married to me–simple isn’t an option. But this year I was determined to make the party as stress free and I could and to top it all off, it was going to be, in a very subtle way, all about him. I came up with what I thought was a no-fail, for sure party theme, The Trophy Husband.

trophy husband topper

 Rule #1: Don’t show your husband the cake topper before the actual party or he’ll veto it. And then you’ll have to use other tactics to sneak it onto the cake.  You can get this awesome cake topper at Hey Yo Yo on etsy.

I think it’s a genius idea to hire a chef for a party. There’s always the potluck option for a get together, but it’s not my style. Too many weird Jello salads show up. I like my food to make sense (i.e. to compliment my theme) and I shy away from assigning guests to bring specific entrees complete with a recipe and picture. Although I’ve thought about it. My husband also likes to have awesome food at our parties, but awesome food usually has some part of it that has to be prepared at the last minute to make it good. This means that you are cooking or chopping or busy when your guests arrive. So, to avoid this I hired a chef for The Trophy Husband party. She gave me the ingredients list. I bought the hard to find stuff (like agave, nama shoyu, young coconuts, etc.) and I assigned everyone else one food item. A head of purple cabbage. One bunch of cilantro. 12 limes. You know, sort of potluck style. Our beautiful and talented chef Melissa Chappell made up a task list and once the party started we divided into groups, each group preparing part of the meal, like opening the coconuts, chopping the veggies, or making the dressing for the salad.
trophy husband chef
Rule #2: Don’t tell your husband about your plan, he’ll just say that his friends hate to cook. P.S. His friends loved the food. And they all helped make it. You can find our chef here at Raw Melissa.

Okay, I hate high fructose corn syrup. My secret is out. I do. I don’t feed it to my kids. I don’t feed it to myself. We don’t drink it. I’m a total label reader. This is all fine and good except that adults are used to having their favorite sodas on hand at a party. Weighing this fact with trying to please my husband at his birthday party and still being true to my own feelings on the subject, I decided to import some of our party drinks. I bought some of the Mexican Coke from Costco since it contains sugar instead of corn syrup and I had some Dr. Pepper shipped from Dublin, TX where they still make Dr. P from sugar. Buying soda with out high fructose corn syrup can be more easily done thanks to the new throwback Pepsi & Mountain Dews. And there is always Jones Soda. My local Wal-Mart even stocks the Mexican sodas that are made with sugar, not corn syrup. Now if only I didn’t care about artificial coloring, but that’s a topic for another day. If you have any other soda ideas made without high fructose corn syrup, I’d love to hear them.
trophy husband drinks
Rule #3: Keep husband happy and make sure he has some Pelligrino to drink. Oh, and you can get your Dublin Dr. Pepper at Old Doc’s Soda Shop.

If you can’t tell from my last giveaway, I love the extra specialness of hand written addresses. But really it’s just plain old jealousy. My handwriting is well, meh, you know. I “perfected” it in highschool (the only time when cute handwriting really matters, right?) while writing wasteful amounts of notes to friends. Now my penmanship looks dated and high schoolish, go figure. That’s why I swoon when I see fun handwriting. Enter the lovely & talented Marta. You might know her from her adorable blog martawrites. I loved her instantly once I found out we were from the same hometown. And viola! I needed a less traditional font for the upcoming Trophy Husband party. What better time to try it out. Isn’t it so cute?
trophy husband invite
Rule #4 Don’t EVER tell your husband that you paid someone to address his birthday invites. He’ll never understand. Oh, and if you want you can check out Marta’s shop.

Rule#5: This is my last suggestion, I promise. My husband was a good sport in the end and said it was my best party yet. But if you’re going to throw a trophy husband party for your significant other, save yourself 500 awkward conversations about weird invitations, sexy cake toppers, raw food chefs, custom t-shirts and extra lucky fortunes and just make it a surprise party!
trophy husband invite
trophy husband cake
trophy husband drink
trophy husband coconut
trophy husband veggies
trophy husband dinner
trophy husband pie
trophy husband macaroons
trophy husband shirt
trophy husband favor
trophy husband favor 2
trophy husband fortune
All of these fab photo were taken by the adorable Quinn Curtis of Limelight Photography.

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