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I made three wreaths for this party. Fun, but time consuming. Start early.

I used the instructions from here, but bent the hanger into a heart shape.

This is just a candy wreath and once again, I just bent the wire into a heart shape. Instructions here.

You guessed it. This is a Christmas wreath made from ornament balls (thanks Eddie Ross) and I just bent the hanger into a heart shape.

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I thought it would be SO fun to make homemade gum for this party from a “Make Your Own Chewing Gum” kit I found on Glee Gum. Wow, making your own gum is harder than it seems. And more complicated. But the kids enjoyed it and I always think it’s cool to teach kids where stuff comes from or how it’s really made. Gum doesn’t just grow on the grocery store shelves, you know.

After we finished making all of the gum, I cut the gum dough into little pieces and wrapped it in waxed paper and put it into these containers for the kids to take home and enjoy.
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If you haven’t already read my post where I declared my love for activity stations, you might want to read it now. Otherwise, I’ll show you the three stations and final group activity that I used for this party. There were 16 kids who came–each of my four kids got to invite three friends. So there was a huge mix of ages, both boys and girls.

#1: The Craft Table: The kids made a valentine heart out of paper plates. They could decorate it with doilies, stickers, glitter, etc. They punched a hole in the top and made a handle with a ribbon.

#2: The Cookie Table: Yummy vegan cookies and frosting (shh, don’t tell) made by one of my favorite bakers awaited the kids on a table full of organic and all natural candy. They frosted, decorated and talked to their hearts content.

#3: Making Gum from Scratch: I taught the kids at this station how to make gum from chicle. It was hard work, fun, and a new experience for me. The kids loved the concept and I didn’t have any complaints.

#4 And then we all played valentine bingo.
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Here are a few more pictures from the Valentine’s Party. Enjoy.

All of the love-ly photos from this Valentine’s Party were taken by the beautiful & amazing Melissa Papaj.

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Looking for an alternative to the grocery store valentine? Sara has done it again. She whipped up these adorable valentines for you to print out at home and for your child to hand out at school. Don’t have a school class? These are the perfect Valentine’s Day card to mail to grandparents or friends. Problem solved.

For cutest results: print on 8 1/2″ x 11″ cream colored cardstock
Printer settings: highest quality
Envelope size: A2 envelope (4 3/8″ x 5 3/4″)
To download: click on the image below

We’ve had a few people notice a color difference from the screen pic and what they printed out. I have put in a new file. I hope this fixes the color problem. Let me know!

Graphics and photo by Sara Westbrook. ©One Charming Party

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