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Make a special Valentine’s Day dinner at home for your kids (or your sweetie). Add some heart shaped pepperonis to a store bought or homemade pizza. It’s so easy. Just buy sliced pepperoni, cut heart shapes out with a small cookie cutter, and add to the pizza before cooking. This is would be a sweet addition to any Valentine’s Party as well.

Photo by Sara Westbrook.

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but how about gumballs this year? A new take on the candy necklace, this easy gumball craft is sure to get you some hugs and kisses. You can give these to the sweet girls in your life or hand them out at a Valentine’s Party.

1. Using a metal skewer, pierce one side of the gumball. Hold the top of the gumball steady as you guide the skewer (see photo). This will prevent the skewer from slipping off the slick surface of the gumball.

2. Flip the gumball over and pierce another hole directly opposite to the first hole. If you try to poke a hole straight through both sides at once, the gumball will crack.

3. The hardest part is stringing the ribbon. Use a large needle to thread the ribbon through the gumballs. Thinner ribbon is easier to string. Tie a knot between each gumball as you string it.

Tip: Look for bags of single colored gumballs at your local party supply store.

Photos by Sara Westbrook.

That’s right, the Valentine’s Class Party starts tomorrow.

Photo by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

Calling all room moms. If you’re in charge of the class Valentine’s Party this year (or if you’re just having a Valentine’s Party with your kids), we have a party plan for you. This easy peasy party can be adapted for any grade school age group. Mix and match activities, or do them all. We’ll be posting 8 ideas this week.

1. Chopstick Pick Up: Give each table or small group of children a bowl  of conversation hearts. Give each student a pair of chopsticks. Using the chopsticks, have the students fill up a paper cup or small bowl with as many candies as they can in the allotted time (we suggest 1 minute).

2. Tower of Love: Using the large conversation hearts from the last game, have each student build a tower of hearts. Their tower must stand for 3 seconds. The person with the tallest tower is the winner.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

3. Find Your Heart Mate: This is a great activity to get kids out of their seats and moving around the classroom–and they can practice their math facts at the same time. Pass out one half of an equation to each child and let them walk around the room finding their heart mate. Once they’ve made the correct match they can sit back in their seat. Click on the picture above to download the blank hearts. You can fill in math equations on whatever level the students are at.

4. Guesstimation: Pass three jars full of candy around the classroom and give the children a chance to guess how many pieces are in each jar. The winner gets to keep the jar of candy. If you’d like to use our guesstimation sheet, just click on the picture below.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat. Graphics by Sara Westbrook.

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