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What girl’s birthday party is complete without tons of fresh, beautiful flowers? An easy and inexpensive way to accomplish this is to use flowers cut from your yard to decorate. These roses are from my client’s yard and the beautiful peonies are from my parents’ yard.
barbie flower vase
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barbie jelly bean
From the moment that I saw these glass jars I fell in love with them. I knew that they would be perfect for this party, filled with a little bit of candy for color and tied with a bow at the top. I love their shape and the little lid. Also, I think they are very versatile and will be great for lots of different occasions. I bought them at Tai Pan, a local decorating store.
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{I know that it’s Thursday and this says “Tuesday Tutorial.” It’s been a long week.} When I was a kid, I totally had Barbie paper dolls. I can clearly remember playing with them on the floor at my friend Amy’s house. That was back before Barbie dot com when we had to actually do all of the work ourselves, like punch out the clothes and stand the dolls up and make them say silly conversations with our friends’ paper dolls. For this party I thought it would be fun to photocopy a few of my client’s vintage Barbie paper dolls. The finished paper dolls were given to my client after the party so as to abide by copyright laws, and were not used for commercial gain. Or whatever that means.
paper doll tutorial


1. I took the paper doll books to my local copy store and had them color copied. I used cardstock for the dolls and the fancy, shiny paper for the clothes. Here are two links that I found that have printable vintage paper dolls: Scrapscene & The Bleu Door.
2. I cut out the dolls and clothes.
3. I had the dolls laminated for stability. But I didn’t laminate the clothes so that they would retain a more authentic feel.
4. Enjoy, just like the good ‘ole days.
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Here are the party pictures for the Vintage Glam Barbie Party. The birthday girl turned six, but she might as well have been 16. She was so sophisticated and knew exactly what she wanted for this party.barbie invite edit
barbie front
barbie banner
For this party the guests started out with a glam makeover and a photoshoot with the photographer.
barbie makeup
barbie dressing
barbie be
See what I mean, tres sophistique.
barbie ra
Then the guests went to the bracelet table and made a bracelet.
barbie bracelet boxes
barbie cake table
Next was the sundae stations where guests drank pink lemonade, ate a mini cupcake, and put together their own pink sundae.
barbie drink whole table
barbie cupcake table
barbie luncheon trays
barbie sundae
Last was the pinata, full of ring pops of course.
barbie pinata
barbie pinata2
Here are the favors. They each contained a Barbie sticker, a lipstick shaped pen, mini bubbles, and ring inside the ring box.
barbie favors
Here’s the gorgeous cake again.
barbie cake2
All of these glamorous pictures were taken by the hip and humble Casey Hyer Photography.

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My mom threw me the most amazing birthday parties when I was a kid. There are six children in our family so I really don’t know how she managed such great parties year after year for all of us. My birthday parties always had a bit of a vintage flair to them since there was no internet shopping back then and buying a cake at a bakery was out of the question. It was homemade all the way! Picture lots of streamers taped to the ceiling, helium filled balloons tied onto the kitchen chairs and the living room packed with kids from the neighborhood. If you want to integrate some vintage party elements into your event, it’s pretty easy and inexpensive.


Five  Essentials for a Vintage Birthday Party

1. Wrapped Presents (no gift bags with tissue please)

2. A Homemade Cake

3. Crepe Paper is a must. Twist it and tape it to the party table or the ceiling.

4. Confetti makes every party more fun. If it’s too messy for you, sprinkle it on the gift or food table.

5. Classic Party Games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Musical Chairs (for more games, check out my list of 15 Classic Party Games)

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