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Ruby Slipper Invitation. This week and next I’ll be giving you all of the details for my recent Wizard of Oz party. Let’s start with the shoe invite. I saw the adorable pattern for these ruby slippers at Skip to My Lou. I bought 12 x 12 red sparkly paper and 12 x 12 blue gingham paper at my local craft store: one sheet of red sparkly per invite, one sheet of blue gingham per two invites. I traced the patterns onto the paper and cut out the shoes. Then I assembled the shoes using double sided tape.

Stay tuned. I’ll post more details about this party tomorrow.

There’s no place like home. In the movie The Wizard of Oz a tornado comes and lifts Dorothy’s house and it lands on the Wicked Witch of the East. I thought it would be cool for the party guests to decorate and build houses made out of sugar cookies as they first arrived at the party.

It was a lot of fun decorating the houses but took a little longer than expected–so plan plenty of time for everyone to finish their creations. There are seven pieces to this cookie house: 2 long walls, 2 peaked walls, 2 roof pieces, and a door. There are also chimney pieces but I didn’t include those. You can find homemade gingerbread house patterns on the internet. I used an old family pattern. Royal icing works best as the glue and have several bags for the guests to share so there isn’t too much waiting. Set out plenty of candy in bowls too. I wrapped aluminum foil around cardboard circles for the finished houses to go on. And my crew assembled the houses after the frosting had a chance to set for a while and the girls were off doing another activity. Black and white legs made out of fondant were tucked underneath the house to make it look like it had fallen on the witch.

For more pics from this party, click on the Wizard of Oz Party tag below.

We’re off to see the Wizard. After the party guests decorated their sugar cookie houses they went outside for some games. They had to earn their courage like the Cowardly Lion, their heart like the Tin Man, and their brains like the Scarecrow. For courage they had to fall back into the arms of another party guest–this was harder than it seems. To make the courage medals I wrapped peppermint patties in aluminum foil and hot glued them onto sparkly paper. I punched the “courage” tags out with a circle punch.

To earn their heart they had to do a good deed–they took some flowers over to an elderly neighbor who loves flowers. To make the heart necklaces I tied small heart charms onto thin red ribbon.

And last, to earn their brains they took a quiz about the Wizard of Oz movie. After they all “passed” the quiz I awarded them an official certificate. I used these Wizard of Oz rings from Bake it Pretty for the certificates.

After they finished the games, the girls ate lunch. I’ll show you more about that next time. For more pictures and ideas from the Wizard of Oz Party, click on the tag below. Oh, and all of the gorgeous pictures from this entire party were taken by the gorgeous Nicole Gerulat.

Follow the yellow brick road. This Wizard of Oz party included enough time for a picnic lunch.

The birthday girl wanted to eat macaroni and cheese, jam sandwiches and fruit. So I incorporated it all by calling the mac & cheese “Yellow Brick Road,” the heart shaped jam sandwiches referenced the Tin Man trying to earn his heart, and then of course I included a platter of fruit. The girls also drank a yummy lemonade (recipe tomorrow).

There is more of this party still to come. And don’t miss out on the past posts, click on the Wizard of Oz tag below to see it all. You know I didn’t take these pictures, right? All photos by Nicole Hll Gerulat.

Recipe: my mom’s party lemonade

2 liter Sprite
1 can frozen lemonade
3 cans water
1 package kool-aid lemonade
1 cup sugar
fresh or frozen berries
lemon slices
lots of ice

Directions: Mix everything together in a large drink container. This punch is super sweet, but always a hit at a party.

For even more party ideas from this Wizard of Oz theme, click on the tag below. All photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

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