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Make gift wrapping easy with these free printables. My kids love to help me wrap presents. Especially when the present is for a birthday party they were invited to. Since it’s for their friend, they just can’t contain their excitement. And, sometimes, that makes it a hard chore for mom.


I like to send my kids with pretty presents – after all, I spent good money on that gift. But, if I were to let my daughter do it herself, it would be definitely one of a kind. I don’t want to hinder her excitement or creativity. So, I designed up these adorable birthday tags and stickers for my daughter to pick out and use once I am done with the wrapping.


I love how easy Avery makes printing out fun tags and stickers. For these gifts I used Avery 22807 2″ glossy white round labels and Avery 22802 2″ x 3 1/2″ white printable tags with strings.



I just printed out the printable below, wrapped the gifts, and let my daughter decorate with tags and stickers. It was so easy, just print, peel off and tie/stick on!

And, what’s great about the Avery labels, is you aren’t stuck with what I designed. They have an entire website with free templates and designs for you to customize – Just imagine spelling out the birthday child’s name on the round labels and spreading them like polka dots all over the gift. And since Father’s Day is just days away, you can even do this for dad.

Avery Print from the Web, v5 Document

This post was part of my collaboration with Avery.

As a nod to foam pool noodles everywhere (which scream summer if you ask me) here is a fun foam gift tag DIY. Create these colorful ice cream cones in a pinch, to decorate gifts for an upcoming pool party or birthday bash.

Ice Cream Cone gift tag on #icecreamparty

You will need: 8.5×11 foam sheets (or larger) in various colors, string or yarn, scissors, small hole punch, glue gun or craft glue, pen or pencil

Directions: Start by free-handing an ice cream scoop shape onto a sheet of foam. Note: If you’re uncomfortable with free-hand drawing, find an open-source image online that you like. Print, cut, and trace instead. Then, cut out the ice cream scoop with a pair of scissors. Next, cut a simple triangle shape with a contrasting color, for the cone. Then, using a pair of scissors, gently carve grooves into the triangle to give it a waffle cone look. Glue the ice cream scoop and cone together with a bead of hot glue and give it a minute or so to cool off and dry. Then punch a hole in the top of the ice cream cone, and string a piece of yarn through the hole. Attach to a wrapped gift and you are all done.

Ice Cream Cone gift tag on #icecreamparty

Ice Cream Cone gift tag on #icecreamparty

Ice Cream Cone gift tag on #icecreamparty

Concept, photography + styling by Brittni Mehlhoff.

My sister’s birthday is today. So what better topic to post about? Dress up your next present with these beautiful flowers ( using this easy crepe paper flowers tutorial ) — an unexpected surprise on any gift.

You will need: navy blue and green crepe paper, cardstock paper, scissors, hot glue gun

crepe paper flowers

1 – From the cardstock paper, cut out a 1 inch circle. Cut one slit to the middle of your circle. From the navy blue crepe paper, cut a dozen 2 1/2 inches x 3 inches tear drop shaped petals and 6 petals approximately 1 1/2 inches x 2 inches. From the green crepe paper, cut a 3/4 inch x 3 inches rectangle and cut slits down one long end to create a fray.

crepe paper flowers tutorial

2 – Shape the cardstock circle into a cone shape by pulling part of the paper over from the slit. Glue the cone shape in place.

3 – Working from the inside of the cone, glue your larger petals into place. Work your way around the flower until you have 6 petals glued.

4 – Glue the remaining 6 larger petals over the first set of petals. Offset your petals to cover up any gaps.

5 – Finish your petals by gluing the 6 small petals on the top.

6 – Take your frayed piece of green crepe paper and roll it up. Slightly mess up the frays to give it more of a natural look, and glue it into the center of your flower.

Styling and photos by Sara Schmultz. And Happy Birthday to Erica :) 

Day 8: It’s time to get all of those presents wrapped (actually, wrapping presents is one of my favorite parts of the holidays and I often leave it to the last minute). For easy and inexpensive present wrapping ideas look around your house for buttons, paper bags, leftover scraps of fabric and paper, and unused paper doilies.

1. with a sharpie marker and your best handwriting, write festive Christmas and holiday words onto a paper sack; wrap the present in the paper sack and tie with a black ribbon
2. tear strips of leftover fabric scraps into long pieces; scrunch up and sew the fabric in a straight line then tie around a present
3. fold a simple doily over the top of a bag; trim the sides
4. accordion fold a piece of colored paper and glue the inside edges together to form half a circle; repeat with another piece of paper to form a circle; glue the two halves together at the ends and embellish the center with a button

present wrapping ideas

present wrapping ideas

We’ve posted about how to wrap a present and how to wrap a present with ribbon. And we’ve posted lots of other present wrapping ideas, more present wrapping ideas, and even more present wrapping ideas. So take a look if you need some inspiration.

Styling by Aimee Error. Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

How to wrap a present with ribbon. I actually used tape to wrap the present part, but there is so much ribbon around it that I think it would hold the wrapping paper on anyway. And I love the extra color the ribbon gives this present.

wrapping a present with ribbon

Start with a wrapped present, two ribbons in different widths and colors that coordinate with the wrapping paper, some tape, and scissors. With the widest ribbon taped in back to start, wrap the ribbon around the present lengthwise three times, then tape in back again. Don’t worry about making it straight, I like the ribbon a little crooked and funky.

Using the thinner ribbon, go in between the thicker ribbon making a basket weave. Tie the thin ribbon ends together in a knot on the back. Add a letter initial of the birthday person and you’re done.

I thought I’d round up a few of the guest posts I did for other blogs last year. I hope you enjoy a little classic OCP. Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

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