I absolutely love candy capsules! If there is ever a reason to use them, I do. So, for Halloween, it was only natural to make a candy capsule pumpkin.


While these are really easy to make, the results are adorable and will leave everyone excited to break open their pumpkin.

To make a Pumpkin Capsule you will need:
Orange capsules
Green pipe cleaner
Glue gun
Autumn colored candy – I used Reese’s Pieces


Directions: First, take approximately a 1 inch piece of green pipe cleaner. Fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist it together. Next, use the glue gun and glue the twisted pipe cleaner to the top of the capsule. Be sure to glue the ends of the pipe cleaner down, leaving the folded end sticking up. Once the glue is dry, fill the capsule with the Autumn colored candy and close the capsule.



To finish this Little Pumpkin Party, it is only natural to give away little pumpkins as party favors. While you could just give away real pumpkins, I thought it would be fun to create a cute little party favor bag that mimics a pumpkin instead!


Play-Doh is a great alternative to candy at a party, so it was a great choice to stuff these pumpkins with. I like how the Play-Doh helps the pumpkin keep a round shape, but you could easily stuff the bags with a variety of different items.

You Will Need:
Orange polka dot bags
Green pipe cleaners
Party favor, such as Play-Doh

Directions: First, stuff an orange polka dot bag with the Play-Doh or party favors. Twist the top of the bag closed. Take a green pipe cleaner and wrap it around the twisted part of the bag to create a pumpkin stem.




While I call these pumpkin cupcakes, it’s all in the decorations. Make these cute cupcakes using your favorite store bought chocolate cupcakes. I used these adorable cupcakes for our Little Pumpkin Birthday Party, but they would also work perfectly for a Halloween cake walk.


You Will Need:
Orange sanding sugar
Orange cupcake liners
Green Sour Punch straws


First, use the knife to smooth the frosting on your cupcake. It doesn’t need to be super smooth, just try to make the best dome shape possible. Next, place the orange sanding sugar in a small bowl. Dip the cupcake in the sanding sugar, getting sugar all the way around the frosting. Cut a 1-1/2 inch piece of a green Sour Punch straw. Place the Sour Punch straw piece in the top of your cupcake. Place the cupcake in an orange cupcake liner.




Sometimes it is really hard to come up with a birthday party theme close to the holidays. While I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, they aren’t birthday party material. But, then it is also hard to have a party that isn’t related to the holidays at all. The solution? Pick something with a seasonal theme.


The perfect theme for a autumn baby shower or first birthday party is a Little Pumpkin Party! Cute little pumpkins aren’t always available year round, so this is perfect time to use them as props for a party.


To keep the party a little lighter and soft, use mint green and yellow mixed in with the pumpkin orange. I love how the mint green paper straws look with the milk bottles.


To make the food wrap, just print and cut the printable. Tape the food wrap into a cylinder shape. Place a cupcake liner inside and fill with food.




Want to host your own Little Pumpkin party? Be sure to download the free printables (below): a banner, 2 inch circle, and food wrap.



Be sure to check back the next two days to see how to make the pumpkin cupcakes and the pumpkin party favor bags!

Cookies are the perfect addition to a Black and White Party treat table–and even better as party favors! Packing a couple of Oreos in simple white glassine bags (I used these ones) and sealing with the free printable cookie labels makes these favors a breeze.

'have a cookie or 2' free printable cookie favor labels

free cookie printable label



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