Flowers are always a fun addition to any party, but you don’t always have to go overboard to make a statement. In this flower tutorial I’ll show you how to make  some simple summer flower centerpieces using only three stems of flowers. The key is to use focal flowers (e.g., gerbera daisies, sunflowers, peonies, dahlias). I’m using white spider mums because they are inexpensive and readily available. They also stay fresh for days, so you can make your arrangement well in advance.

easy summer flowers

You will need the following tools: 
· Simple opaque container (the container shown here is approximately 4” in diameter)

· Wet floral foam (more about this below)

· Moss

· Greening pins (shown later)

· Something to cut with (floral knife, scissors, clippers)

easy summer flowers

Step One: Cut, soak, and place the floral foam

Floral foam is the beginning floral designer’s best friend. It creates a water source for your flowers and allows you to put flowers exactly where you want them which eliminates a lot of frustration. A couple notes about floral foam. One, when you purchase it make sure you are buying the wet foam. There is also a dry foam which is used for silk flower arranging. Second, when you soak the foam, fill up a container with water and set the foam on top and let it sink naturally. Don’t push it down because the foam won’t absorb the water properly. Check out  this video for other tips on working with floral foam.

Measure your foam to your container and cut accordingly. You want the foam to fit snugly in your container. You can also secure the foam with pot tape, but it isn’t necessary for a simple centerpiece.


Step Two: Arrange flowers in floral foam

Once the foam is in place, start adding your flowers. The first spider mum should be placed at an angle and cut short to face the the front as shown. The second spider mum should be cut slightly longer than the first and positioned facing up like it was growing. The third is similar to the second just cut even longer than the second. The three stems should form a sort of triangle.



Step Three: Cover floral foam

After you are satisfied with the position of your flowers, you can cover the floral foam with moss. You can use a variety of things to cover the foam (greenery, colored moss, etc.). Spanish moss is a great thing to have on had though and it covers things quickly and aesthetically. To secure the moss we are using floral greening pins. These are available at most craft stores or from your local floral shop. If you can’t find greening pins, you can also use small pieces of wire bent into the shape of a staple.


Step Four: Embellish

Now you have a lovely little arrangement. You can leave it as is or add a fun little message! For the embellishment you will need scissors, pretty paper, a stripey-straw, pen, and glue.


Using your best penmanship, write a little message like “hello” or “thanks for coming” and glue the message to a piece of pretty paper. Then glue the message to a a fun stripey straw.



Place the straw in the floral foam and you’ve got a cute arrangement to use on a welcome table or as a centerpiece. This would also be a darling favor or hostess gift.

easy summer flowers

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Party favors are always a fun way to end a party. For your School Days Party favor, send your guests home with this fun little free printable milk carton full of school supplies!

Back to School Party Favor

Directions: Print milk carton onto have card stock and cut out (download link below). Assemble the milk carton. Glue it together with a glue gun for extra stability. Fill the carton with small school supplies such as crayons, erasers, small pencil sharpener and more. Finish by gluing the top of the carton closed. Line out your milk carton favors out on the party table as a cute little additional piece of decoration.

back to school party favor

Back to School Party Favors

Back to School Party Favors


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Party food is usually the hardest part to prep, so make this one easy on yourself by pre-packing a school lunch for your party guests to enjoy. But, to make it a little more festive than just a sack lunch, add this fun little packed lunch label. Be sure to use the little coordinating water bottle label as well.

school lunch printable

school lunch printable

school lunch printable

school lunch printable

There is even room on the school lunch printables to write your guests’ names. If you’re worried about food allergies, you can also invite your guests to pack their own lunch to bring to the party. Just write their name on the label and attach it to their sack when they get there.


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It might seem early, but for some of you it’s time to start thinking about going back to school! That’s always a reason to celebrate. But whether or not the kids are celebrating, help them get excited by hosting a fun back to school party! You can put together these easy School Days party decorations with just a couple steps.

#schoolparty Back to School Party Decorations

For the flashcard garland, you will need: cotton twine, flashcards (find them at your local dollar store), and washi tape

Directions: Use two little piece of washi tape to tape each flashcard to the twine.

Back to School garland

Back to school decorations

back to school

Next, print out the School Days poster as an engineering poster at Staples to mimic a chalkboard. (You can save this download on a jump drive and take it to the store.)


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Make these glow stick holders as a perfect party favor, or just as a great gift to give to neighbor kids.

4th of July glowstick holder 1

Directions: To make the glow stick holders, print out the glow stick printable onto a piece of heavy card stock, 8-1/2″ x 11″. Cut out the holders. Using an xacto knife, cut the slits in the middle of the holder. Slip the glow sticks through the slits. For cuteness, have the glow sticks stick out of either end of the holder.

4th of July glowstick holder 2

4th of July glowstick holder 3


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