The star of this Black + White Party is the simple hand cut decor. The “Yay!” message, hand cut confetti and star pie topper make this party both unique and easy to put together. And don’t forget some easy to-go pie boxes for your guests (download below).

black and white party with hand cut decor

To make the topper, cut out several stars. Imperfection is endearing in this case, so just eyeball and cut. Cut stripey straws to varying heights. Tape each star a to straw (there is a great variety of straws at Bake It Pretty!).

hand cut pie topper

black and white striped party

Place all of the straws into a pie or cake as a fabulous topper. But don’t stop there, the sweetest ending to a simple-but-fabulous party is a slice of pie to go.

pie boxes in a whole spectrum of pink

And making to go boxes in a whole spectrum of pink adds a great pop of color to any treat table. Best of all, these pie boxes are oh-so-easy to assemble. Just download this printable pie box template on varying shades of pink card stock, fold on the dotted lines, and glue the tabs in place. Done and ready to serve as the ultimate treat carrier!


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This Black + White scalloped garland is the perfect addition to your Black + White Party (or any party) and as a bonus it makes a pretty treat table backdrop as well.

simple, fabulous black and white party (with pops of color!)

You will need: black and white striped fabric, scissors, string or baker’s twine, glue stick

Directions: To make the garland, iron a piece of striped fabric in half. Cut a pile of half circles, with the folded edge making up the top of the half circles. Thread string or bakers twine through the top edge of the half circles and use a glue stick to glue the bottom halves together.

how to make a no sew scalloped garland

String as a backdrop to a treat table or a garland for a party.

black and white striped garland

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And, finally, when your Mad Scientist party is over, send the kids home with a little gift that will keep the party going – Make Your Own Slime!


Put together these little Make Your Own Slime Kits with a few simple ingredients:

borax powder
elmer’s glue
googly eyes
Make Your Own Slime label (see download below)

I packaged this kit inside of a 24 oz plastic food container from a restaurant supply store. The small plastic containers holding the borax powder and googly eyes are from Walmart.




Once you have your supplies tucked away into your container, simply print out the free printable “Make Your Own Slime” label onto sticker paper to put on the front. The label comes with all the directions your guests will need to create their own slime at home.


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It is easy to over think party treats. But, when it comes down to it, kids are very easy to please. So all you really need to do is add a little creative excitement to this party, plus a printable or two, and the kids are more than happy.


And, with a Mad Scientist party, a little excitement is easy to add.

First, we have our Specimen Jars. This are just ordinary 8 oz mason jars wrapped with pieces of black paper measuring 8.5″ x 3″. Then, just print out the free printable Mad Scientist Specimen label (download below) to stick on the front. Fill your mason jars with gummy worms, gummy bugs, or whatever other candy you can find, and you’re all set!


Next, we have our highly active ingredients – Jello! Buy some pre-made jello cups that match your color palette. In our case – lime and grape (since the grape was so dark it passed off as black). I would have added lemon if I could had found it. Turn the cups upside down and top them with the “Warning Active Ingredients” labels (download below).


And, finally, I have the potions mixing. I purchased a couple sets of test tubes and medical flasks off of Amazon. I made sure I had a medical flask for each child to use as a cup. Fill the medical flasks with sprite. Then, fill the test tubes with drink flavoring syrups. I used DaVinci’s Lime, Pineapple, and Coconut to match the color palette of green, yellow and white.


Let each of the kid mix and match their flavors. Will they end up with a lime and coconut? Or what about a pineapple lime? The mixing and matching is endless fun.



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It’s the perfect time of year for a Mad Scientist Party. This theme can be used as an autumn birthday party, or as a friend’s Halloween party. Either way, it’s full of fun.


To start, pass out the free printable Mad Scientist Party Invitation (download below) along with a few test tubes full of small candy such as rock candy, nerds, or pop rocks.




You can purchase the test tubes, test tube holders, and medical flasks on Amazon. Since that is the bulk of the party decorations, it makes the party easy and fast.

To finish up the party decorations, I printed out the free printable Periodic Table of Mad Science (see download below). While loosely based on the real periodic table, this periodic table includes some more exciting elements such as Bat Juice, Full Moon, and Witch Broom.


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