Easter Sunday is April 20th this year. Here are a few fun Easter candy facts for you:


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At an art inspired Easter Party you have to dye eggs! Change things up a little by having your guests paint Easter eggs instead of dipping them. It helps keep the mess down, but also lets kids have all the fun of painting. Use food coloring to make the paints (which also makes these eggs perfectly safe to peel and eat).


You Will Need: food coloring, white vinegar, paint tray, new and cleaned paint brushes.

Directions: Drop a small drop of food coloring into a cleaned paint tray. Add a teaspoon of vinegar. Mix. Paint the eggs with a cleaned paint brush. It is fun to paint patterns, letters, pictures, and abstract art onto the eggs! Painted Easter eggs are a cool activity for kids to explore and enjoy.




To help your little artists paint, make a quick and easy egg stand by wrapping a pipe cleaner around a few of your fingers. Slip the pipe cleaner off your fingers and stand your egg in the middle.

Pipe cleaner and pom pom adorned cupcake toppers can be made ahead of time for your Easter Party. They are the perfect addition to spring cupcakes, but especially a craft inspired one. Kids will love all the different shapes and ideas they can create for these Easter cupcake toppers. (Not having a party? You can also use these as a craft for your kids to make for Easter.)


You Will Need: lollipop sticks, mod podge, pipe cleaners, pom poms

Directions for the pom pom topper: First, barely dip one end of a lollipop stick into the mod podge. Stick a pom pom on the top of the glue and let it dry.

Directions for the pipe cleaner topper: First, create your shape, such as a heart or flower, with a pipe cleaner. Leave at least an inch of pipe cleaner on both ends. Wrap the ends of the pipe cleaner tightly around the lollipop stick.



Top these little cupcake toppers in your Easter cupcakes or any other favorite Easter dessert. You can also wrap some pipe cleaners around these adorable solid mint green paper straws for a fun little drink decoration.

It’s time for an Easter Party! But this year, do something a little different than the normal ham dinner and egg hunt. Instead host an artist inspired Easter party. And start your party off with this Easter Basket Invitation.



To start, invite your guests with a basket full of craft filled Easter eggs.

To make your Easter egg invitation you will need: Easter egg invite printable (download below), 1 inch circle punch, string, plastic Easter eggs, glue, lemon yellow treat tubs, pipe cleaners, green crinkled paper.

First, print out the invite printable. Punch out the invitation pieces with a 1 inch circle punch. Next, tie or glue a piece of string to the top of an Easter egg. Glue the invitation circle pieces to the string to create a garland with the invite. Tuck the invite into the Easter egg.




Fill the rest of the Easter eggs with a variety of crafting supplies such as clay, pom poms, and small crayons. Place green crinkled paper into a yellow treat tub. Place the Easter eggs in the treat tub. Glue a pipe cleaner as a handle around the top of the treat tub. Ta da! Your invitations are ready.

easter party invitations

Sometimes the perfect fit for serving food on a snack table or treat buffet is an unlikely candidate. For example, these ‘pop-of-color’ serving trays from the Rabbit Food snack table aren’t serving trays at all. They are plastic picture frames! By adding matching yellow card stock as the backdrop and filling the blank space with yellow treats (sprinkles for one and lemon drops for the other), these frames became the perfect snack trays.

DIY 'pop of color' serving trays

DIY pop of color serving trays

the perfect addition to any easter party- a 'rabbit food' snack table full of healthy fare
DIY pop of color serving trays

What other household items have you used to double as party fare?

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