This little witch hat favor box is beyond fabulous and also plays three wonderful rolls in our party. First, it acts as a wonderful place-setting for guests at the table. Next, it adds a little modern witch-flare to the candle lite table. And, lastly, it is the perfect little favor for guests to take home at the end of the night.


To make these Witch’s Hat Party Favor Boxes you will need:
black paper
Witch’s Hat party favor box template (download below)
black crepe paper
hot glue gun
candy and treats to fill the box

First, cut the Witch’s Hat party favor box out of black paper. Glue some crepe paper over the hole on the circle. Assemble and fill the cone portion of the Witch’s Hat. Glue the circle shape on top of the cone. Turn the hat over to be circle side down, cone side up. Either leave the favor box as is, or dress it up with a little black crepe paper or tissue fringe.




The crepe paper should hold the treats in place. To open, simply push the crepe paper out of the way with your fingers to reveal the surprise!


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A witch must have a witch hat, so a Witch’s Soiree isn’t complete without a witch’s party hat! I made these fun Witch Party Hat headbands for our party guests for a little sophisticated fun.


To make a Witch’s Party Hat you will need:
black paper
witch party hat template
black headband
black crepe paper
glue gun

Directions: First, cut out the Witch’s Party Hat template onto black paper (see download below). Assemble the hat. Glue the top of the hat onto the black circle. You can either leave this part as is, or add a little black crepe paper around the edges. Glue the witch hat onto a black headband. Glue a little crepe paper onto the bottom of the hat over the headband to prevent the headband and hat from snagging onto hair.




To match the party, I encouraged the guests to come dressed in their business casual black best! Because, while most people may think of witches as green and ugly, at our Witch’s Soiree the witches looked modern and fabulous.


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Want to throw a different Halloween party this year? Host a Witch’s night out at a Witch’s Soiree. It’s sure to be the highlight of the season. Download the banner below.


I wanted the Witch’s Soiree to have an eerie sophistication, and the easiest way to accomplish that was to keep the color palette a striking black and white.

I also wanted to add candles to set the mood. And, while I considered collecting a couple dozen candle stick holders, I was afraid it would compete with the color palette as well as run the risk of them getting knocked each over too easily. Instead I created my own candle table runner which proved to be easier and a lot less expensive to construct.


To Create a Candle Table Runner You Will Need:
a couple dozen candles of different heights and types
white cardboard piece the size you want your table runner to be (I ended up piecing together two cake boards)
hot glue gun
black net runner (I picked up this one at the dollar store)


First, use a hot glue gun and, one at a time, glue the candles onto the white cardboard cake board. Once you have all the candles glued to the board, drape the black net over the top. One by one, carefully help the net settle around the candle. Be careful not to let the candles burn low enough that they could catch the net on fire.



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Party Toolbox 101: I’ve gone over the basics and the handy stuff and now we get to talk about all the fun stuff! These tools are the things that are pretty but can also be super helpful during party setup.




I always tuck a few bags (e.g., white lunch sacks, striped sacks, clear bags) into my toolbox for party set up. A sack can be used for last minute favors, sending food home with guests, or a quick sign (fill a lunch bag with sand/dirt and draw an arrow for directions).



Having coordinating fabric on hand is always useful. I like cute little cocktail napkins or finished fat quarters for adding finishing touches to a food table display or a cute way to catch water from a slightly leaky flower arrangement. You can even make a last minute garland by hanging them on a string.

Cupcake Liners


Cupcake liners can obviously be used for a last minute cupcake, but you could also make a cute place setting flower or quick party hat decoration for the birthday kid.



There hasn’t been a party set-up where I haven’t needed paper. And decorative paper that coordinates with your party theme is great to have available. I’ve used it for a table runner, signs, thank you notes for helpers, or name tags. Just grab a few sheets of something that coordinates with the party theme.



Always have ribbon. Even if you aren’t throwing a party! Ribbon is just so much fun and having it in your toolbox will always be handy. Think last minute gift-wrapping, tying up a garland, tying your hair back. Ribbon is functional and aesthetic.

Floral Spray Paint


Have you used this paint before? It is so wonderful. You can buy it at most craft stores or your local florist will have it. It is a VERY versatile product. It was originally designed for spraying flowers a specific color and it works so well for that if you needed bright pink roses and only got light pink or touching up flowers that look a little sad. It takes some practice using it on flowers without things looking fake, but a great application for it is for vases and other items that aren’t the easiest to paint with normal spray paint. The color goes on in coats too, so you can layer colors and do some pretty custom things. They have a few different types of products for different applications too – so check it out!



You guys know about straws. They are darling. They come in stripes, polka dot, solid, you name it. They work for food labels, signs, garlands, wreaths. I don’t think you should leave home without them.

Washi Tape


Mostly I just love collecting washi tape and I’ve talked about it before HERE. I just wanted to give you another reason to go buy some! You’re welcome.

Decorative Wire


Wire is so handy to have on hand. I talked about the heavy duty wire in the previous Party Toolbox posts, but this decorative wire is great when you need to hook something together and still have it look pretty. This is useful for wrapping presents, adding extra bling to a floral arrangement [INSERT HERE], or hanging decorations when you can’t use tape.

There are more ideas like this in our Charming Party Basics series. Check out our checklist download for a complete list of items for your Party Toolbox and happy planning! 


A fun party always requires a bit of setup whether it be casual or fancy. Having tools on hand will make your set up go smoothly and you’ll be ready if anything goes awry! Today I’ll go over the basic tools every Party Toolbox needs and that you probably don’t want to leave home without.


Cutting Tools


The basic cutting tools I recommend are: floral knife, clippers (pruners), utility knife, scissors (nice ones that cut fabric and ribbon, crummy ones that can cut anything, and precision for small details), and wire cutters (not pictured).



Tape is essential. You should just have some everywhere you go. Always have duct tape and scotch tape on hand and beyond that, think about what types of décor you will be using. You may need painter’s tape that is easy to remove or floral tape. Floral tape is great for wrapping flowers, but can also be used to attach two things together while still looking nice on the outside.

Notebook and Pen


Everyone has a smart phone, but there is something really handy about having pen and paper on hand. You can use it to jot down and sketch a space during planning or write down ‘to dos’ or ideas you have. I’ve also found it useful during a party to write down ‘lessons learned’ for the next party I plan.



Rubberbands, batteries, corsage pins, and a measuring tape may seem odd, but having these in your party arsenal can really save the day! Did the birthday boy just get the greatest toy ever? But it requires batteries? Bam, you can be the hero! I’ve used rubberbands for closing up treat bags and hanging picture frames. A measuring tape comes in really handy during planning efforts or to make sure all those tables and chairs will really fit through the door.

Clean up!


These can be dreaded words, but with a few simple things on hand, cleanup will be a piece of cake. I recommend keeping a washcloth, hand towel, kitchen-sized garbage sack, sanitary wipes, and windex wipes in your toolbox at all times. Cleaning up spills during the party and packing out trash at the end will be a cinch. Windex wipes are great to add a last minute sparkle to any surface before pictures too! If you are renting your party space, having these tools on hand will help you avoid fines for leaving a mess too.



I recommend keeping a gluestick, super glue, and glue dots in your Party Toolbox. I love glue dots! They are so simple to use and can help you out with that pesky sign falling off the door or holding down a food label next to the cake!



Wire is right up there with adhesives. It is so helpful to have some on hand for various tasks you may encounter during your party setup. When you buy wire look for the gauge number. The higher the number, the more flexible the wire. My favorite gauges to have on hand are 22, 24, and 26. Sometimes you need strong bulky wire and sometimes a more lightweight version.

What are some tools you recommend keeping in your Party Toolbox? Let me know in the comments below. And heck out the rest of the series and more ideas like this in our Charming Party Basics series.

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