Oh my goodness, another day full of cute tutorials + printables to make your Autumn Market Party even sweeter. The #partyhop continues right now.

First off, what’s a Autumn Market Party without a fun market tote? Go visit the talented Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft for the details.


Next, you can finally find out how to make these adorable pie boxes! Earlier this week Sara shared a diy homemade stamp tutorial, head over to Confetti Sunshine for the rest of the project.


And finally two of my favorite ladies have a great party printable on their site: Paging Supermom. You won’t want to miss it to make your party complete.


Just one day left! Missed a post in this series? Click for more Autumn Market Party ideas.

It’s the second day of our Autumn Market Party posts. This is another party hop so I’ll be showing my own tutorial and contribution to the party below. And don’t forget to check out these cute ideas too:

The adorable sisters at Made From Pinterest will show you how to make these darling paper pumpkins.


Free printable pie signs (and a yummy pie recipe) by Lulu the Baker. I’m obsessed with her Dream House posts too. Take a peek.


Okay, now it’s my turn. I love this Market Banner because it’s easy to make, but has enough character to stand out. The little bulb circles in the middle are perfection, especially how it mimics a sign with lights. It’s a sweet addition to any outdoor Market Party this autumn!


You will need:
Silhouette machine
Kraft paper
Market Banner Files
Market Banner pdf (download below) and scissors (if you don’t have a Silhouette Machine)

First, open up the Market Banner files in Silhouette Studio. Load a sheet of kraft paper into your Silhouette Machine and cut out the letters, one at a time. If you don’t have a Silhouette Machine, print the pdf file onto kraft paper and cut the letters out by hand.

Hang the banner on some twine with mini clothes pins for your market!




Missed a post in this series? Click for more Autumn Market Party ideas.

It’s Party Hop time and the Autumn Market Party starts today! I hope you’re ready to see all of the unique party ideas we have planned.

To start this party off, hop on over to A Night Owl for a cork cupcake flag tutorial. I love these cute toppers and can’t wait to create them for my next party. They’re perfect for autumn.


Then stop by The Elephant of Surprise (Aimee is one of my favorite bloggers) for a fun party game, a diy bean bag toss. This is a great game for kids of all ages.


And finally you won’t want to miss how to make these clever market stamps at Confetti Sunshine. Sara is so talented and is the brains and photographer behind this whole Party Hop. These take home boxes will make cute favors for any party.


Missed a post in this series? Click for more Autumn Market Party ideas.

It’s time for another Party Hop! This time the theme is Autumn Market and it’s a whole week of cute cute autumn party ideas. I can’t wait to show you all of the detailed posts, starting tomorrow. But for now, here are a few sneak peek pics:







Thanks to Silhouette for sponsoring this party and to One Sweet Slice for supplying the treats.

This Huckleberry Finn Party activity was inspired by an adorable board book. The raft page in this cute cute book was what I fell in love with when I saw it. I used this fun raft as inspiration for the party activity. Since we were celebrating a first birthday, a lot of adults (grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends) were invited.  I wanted an activity that was fun for adults and the few kids that would be there and I also wanted to incorporate a service project. I did some research and found that a local children’s hospital was in need of “craft kits” for the kids staying at the hospital to put together during their stay. I decided to have guests put together kits to make popsicle stick rafts just like the book!


There are two parts to this craft, the “raft station how-to” and also the “raft building how-to” (in case you need a fun activity for a group of kids as well!). It would be simple to have kids do both at a party too – make a kit as a favor and one to donate.

Raft Station How To

You Will Need:
• Long table (to use for assembly)
• Kit-making instructions (see printable download)
• Raft-making instructions (see printable download)
• Raft Kit Labels (see printable download)
• Popsicle sticks
• Pre-cut strips of paper (5 ½ inches x 3 inches)
• Pre-cut paper flags (1 inch x 4 inches)
• Clay (like sculpey)
• Small dowels
• Containers for sticks, paper, dowels, and clay
• Scissors
• Twine
• Saran Wrap
• Paper bags

1. Set up all supplies: Set up all the supplies in a row so it follows the steps of the kit-making instructions.


2. Hang Kit-making Instructions: Using a piece of twine and some clothespins, hang the kit-making instructions above the table with all the supplies so it is easy to see by party guests.

3. Helpful Hints: Optional: Include a finished raft kit so guests can see what it is supposed to look like at the end. You could also build one of the rafts (see “how to” below) so guests can see what the kids at the hospital will get to make too. This isn’t necessary, but may be helpful!

Raft Building How To

Now if you would like party guests to be able to make a raft, I’ve included instructions and pictures here too. The rafts really are so fun and simple because you only need a few supplies. You could have the kids build a raft and then have a race down a park stream too. Note, the rafts aren’t waterproof, but if you are careful, the paper dries up after or you can also spray with a waterproof lacquer if you are feeling ambitious. Either way, the rafts are guaranteed for at least one fun sail down a stream or in a sink.

You’ll need the same supplies as the list above plus some glue.


1. Raft Base
• Glue 3 popsicle sticks on top of each other
• Repeat
• This creates two bases for your raft


2. Raft Platform
• Align raft bases parallel to each other
• Glue 9 popsicle sticks perpendicular to the raft bases
• This will create your raft platform


3. Tent
• Fold your long strip of paper in half (hamburger style–5 ½ inches x 3 inches)
• Make a fold on each end of your paper approximately ¼ inch (right sides together)
• Glue paper tent to the top of the platform (the folds you just made should align with the raft bases)



4. Finishing Touches
• Glue a popsicle stick to the inside of the tent
• Glue two popsicle sticks on top of the paper tent folds (that align with the raft base)


5. Flag

• Fold small paper (4 inches x 1 inch) in half
• Cut round half circle in the open end
• Curl flag in an “S” patter (to make it wave)
• Blue small tie ends to the small dowel
• Roll clay into ball with a flat bottom
• Insert dowel with flag into clay
• Glue clay (with the flag) onto the raft platform


6. Float away!


We hope you enjoyed this fun party! Remember to find the inspiration in new and different places and get those creative juices flowing.


Click for more Huckleberry Finn Party ideas.

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