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As party guests start to arrive, put them to work embellishing their very own chef’s hat. Have each girl put her name on a hat with sticker letters to avoid any confusion and to help everyone get to know each other. Party guests will create special flowers made out of coffee filters and cupcake liners to adorn their hats. Each one will end up being as unique as the party guest. Detailed instructions are provided in our downloadable pdf, available in our shop.

It’s our last day of posting this Baking Party. We hope you have loved it as much as we have.

Photo by Nicole Gerulat.

baking clothespin doll

This adorable clothespin doll cake topper is perfect for a Baking Party. Especially when the baker is holding a cupcake and a rolling pin. We used a simple pink cake and a pink milkglass cake stand (from Mosser Glass) to keep the focus where it belongs–on this doll, custom made to look like the birthday girl. If you would like to make one of these dolls yourself, we have step by step instructions and a few examples of different hair colors and styles, available in our downloadable pdf.

Photo by Nicole Gerulat.

At this Baking Party the guests rotate through 7 different activity stations. Some of our favorite activities were making chocolate dipped strawberries, mixed berry tarts and strawberry jam. With a little food prep and some station organization you can pull off this party like a star. To see all of the Baking Party activities and get the full details, purchase this party as a pdf.

Photos by Nicole Gerulat.

Every party needs cute decorations. This is a garland made out of cupcake liner in two sizes, coffee filters, and mini doilies. A garland like this is easy to make and helps to instantly set the theme for your party.

Here is a cute mini happy birthday banner (included in the printables of this party) and an example of one of the tutorials that we used in the Baking Party diy party plan. We’re so excited about our new line of downloadable parties. Go check them out.

Photos by Nicole Hill. Graphic design ©One Charming Party.

The Baking Party Invitations. Here’s a sample of what to expect in the Baking Party pdf. These invitations are designed to look like recipe cards and are included in the party printables. The printables also include thank you cards, a mini birthday banner, name tags, jam labels and more. This party is available in our shop.

Photo by Sara Westbrook.

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