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flower arranging book
I love beautiful flower arrangements. So one day when I was at the local bookstore I bought this book: Jane Packer’s Guide to Flower Arranging. I’d never heard of her, but this book is amazing and full of gorgeous photos. Jane makes every arrangement look so easy and effortless. A bit above my skill level, it isn’t too intimidating and it’s perfect to take your florist and say, “I want that one.” Bonus, now I know the difference between a hand tied and a wired bridal bouquet. She even has classes in NYC. I think I need to take one this spring…

martha stewart encyclopedia
I must admit that I’ve wanted this book for a while: Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts. I’ve seen it a few times in passing and refrained from buying it. But while on {another} date with my husband to the book store recently, I gave in. Usually for book reviews on this blog I have read through the entire book. Honestly, I haven’t read this whole thing–it’s huge, over 400 pages. But since purchasing it, I have flipped through it many times, always giddy with excitement.

If Martha Stewart is going to do something, you know that she is going to do it well. And this book is no exception. For example, the entire book is organized in alphabetical order. Want to see half a dozen amazing wreaths? You know where to look. Interested in candlemaking? It’s in there too, under the letter “c.” Also, it includes Martha’s signature step-by-step instructions. And the photographs are gorgeous. They make me want to try everything. Really. It’s truly a delightful book and a great resource to have on hand. I know that I’ll be turning to it time and time again. I would definitely recommend this book.

Thanks for all of the entries! What a great turnout for my first giveaway. After reading all of your favorite cupcake flavors, I came up with a genius idea. I thought it would be so fun to pick a second winner to win a cupcake in a jar, my treat, from Bangerang Bake Shop. Originally on Etsy, I think it’s the first online place to sell cupcakes in a jar. Though I’ve known about it for quite a while, I’ve never tried a cupcake. But they look delish and there are tons of flavors, even red velvet with cream cheese frosting (who knew there was such a following?).
Winner #1 gets the Martha Stewart Cookbook: Harley said, “Just one cupcake flavor? Hmm… strawberry with cream cheese frosting :D If I could only pick one that is :)”
Winner #2 wins the plain jane in a party dress cupcake (or her choice) from Bangerang: Dawn G. said, “I love vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting-yum! My sister-in-law has this book and loves it.”

{the winners have been notified}
xoxo, Brittany

organic and chic coverLike many, I had long been awaiting the arrival of this cookbook: Organic and Chic. Sarah Magid’s website is simply elegant. It’s full of beautiful cakes that conjure up memories of magical tea parties. Her style is unique and pleasing to the eye. It brings me hope in a world saturated with “perfect” fondant cakes. And I was dying to find out how she colored her bright and whimsical frosting organically. So… while on a date with my husband at a book store, I tracked down “Organic and Chic” and my husband bought it for me. This was the full price book store, and this book was nearly $30. As I looked through the book (at the bookstore and again at home and again while on vacation) I always had the same reaction. Disappointment. It seemed to me that she just took regular recipes and then changed the ingredients to organic. Anyone can take Aunt Sally’s famous chocolate cake recipe and change “milk” to “organic milk.” There is nothing special here. And not one vegan recipe. Plus she unapologetically uses artificial fluorescent food coloring in everything. I must admit that I hate artificial coloring and I’m always trying to find new ways to color frosting naturally, while not driving my bakers crazy. I was really hoping for some new insight into this area, because organic cakes would logically be colored naturally, right? Right? I hope it’s not lame to say how I honestly feel, because I normally applaud any step toward organic living, but I wouldn’t recommend buying this book.

martha stewart cupcakes
When I recently bought the book Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes I picked up two so that I could use one for my first giveaway on this blog. And I’m so glad I did–I love this cookbook! I’ve read it from cover to cover. The only downside for me is that there is only one recipe that doesn’t use dairy or eggs. But there are so many ideas and gorgeous pictures that I don’t mind. Inspirations galore.

To enter: Please leave a comment on this post with an email address in the comment form so that I can contact you when you win. Also, tell me your favorite cupcake flavor {just for fun}. I’ll pick a winner on Friday Morning, July 31st.

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