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This is our last day of posting the Bunny Party. We hope it’s given you some fun inspiration for Easter. Cupcakes are an easy, kid pleasing dessert. Top them with a pair of our paper bunny ears and a cotton candy tail. You can buy containers of cotton candy at the grocery store. Please note, cotton candy starts to dissolve once it’s out of the package so put the bunny tail on right before serving.

For cute Easter cookies, frost a bunny shaped cookie and  let dry. Place bunny cookies in cellophane bags. Attach a cotton ball tail with double stick tape and tie it up with a pretty ribbon.

Click on the image below to download these bunny ears.

©One Charming Party.

Serve a simple salad at your Bunny Party with these tasty Petits Palmiers tucked into the mixed greens to look like bunny ears. A crispy puff pastry cookie, these are available at Trader Joe’s and other grocery stores. Perfect for Easter, food can look cute and taste yummy too.

And if you’re including a floral arrangement at your party, don’t forget some ornamental cabbage with your springtime flowers.

Flowers by The Vine’s Leaf. ©One Charming Party.

Hop on over for a Bunny Party. You can print these free invitations for a one, two, and three year old birthday party. Or you can use our generic Easter party invitation for any non-birthday, springtime soiree. Don’t forget to cut out the ears at the top and add a cotton ball tail.

Click below to download an invitation:

Some bunny is turning one.
Some bunny is turning two.
Some bunny is turning three.
Some bunny is having a party.

©One Charming Party.

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