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Serve plain and simple cupcakes on a stand that will make your guests take notice… something they can eat perhaps? Everyone loves chocolate so why not make your dessert stand part of dessert. A chocolate cupcake stand.

You will need: white candy melts (or your choice of chocolate), 4″ round or patterned cookie cutter (top), 2″ round cookie cutter (base), hexagon ice cube tray, spoon, disposable icing bag (optional), wax paper, tray

Melt the candy according to directions and your microwave, stirring after each interval. Add a fingertip size amount of shortening to the melted candy and stir to increase fluidity.

Place a sheet of wax paper to cover your tray. Place cookie cutters and ice cube tray on top of wax paper. Make sure your tray will fit in your fridge. Add melted candy to disposable icing bag, twist and cut off tip. Fill up 3 hexagon cubes. Fill each cookie cutter about 1/4″ thick. Use your spoon to smooth the candy into all of the crevices and corners. Tap the tray lightly to smooth out ridges. Put tray in fridge to set, about 15 mins.

Once hardened, press each cookie cutter down to cut off the loose edges of leaked chocolate. Place finished pieces on a sheet of wax paper and return to the fridge. Any rough edges can be smoothed and lightly cut off with a knife or your finger. Repeat first few steps to make as many stands as you need. Each bag of melts will make about 3 stands.

To assemble: Set the top bottom (rough) side up on a sheet of wax paper. Using your melted candy in the icing bag, squirt a dollop of chocolate on the rough side of the hexagon piece. Press into the center of the top. Add another dollop to the bottom of the hexagon and add the base, rough side up, smooth side towards the hexagon. This will make sure that the parts that are seen, are only the smooth sides. Flip over carefully and check to make sure they are level. Place on a plate and put in the fridge until ready for serving.

Add cupcakes and voila. A stand that requires no cleanup and offers a daily dose of chocolate? This is my kind of party.

Styling and photos by Jenny Batt

If there is one thing every birthday celebration needs, it’s a proper place to display the cake of honor. Our favorite White Milk Glass Pedestal Cake Stand is the essential Charming Party Basic for all celebrations. The simple design of this classic white cake stand provides the perfect platform to showcase cake, cupcakes, pastries and more.

Charming Basic: Favorite White Cake Stand

the best white cake stand

The 9 inch White Milk Glass Pedestals are our most used, so we recommend starting your collection there. If you’re anything like us, eventually you’ll also want to add the 6 inch white cake stand and 12 inch white cake stand to your assortment. Stacked together these three stands make a show-stopping tower fit for any celebration.

While these glass cake stands can be found in several colors, a classic white set is a staple that’s worth your investment, and it will coordinate wonderfully with the rest of your Charming Party Basics.

classic white cake stand

Photography, design and styling by Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry.

I love a classic cake so I’m always looking for ways to add something special without ruining the simplicity of my dessert. I topped this plain white cake with fresh berries for an easy and beautiful Fourth of July cake. Since berries are in season right now, it’s the perfect solution.

fourth of july cake

fourth of july cake

Originally created for our shoot with Real Simple. Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

What better way to incorporate your party décor than decorating your cake stand? With a few swipes of Mod Podge and a few minutes of drying time, you can create your very own confetti cake stand in any color of the rainbow.

You will need:  a glass cake stand, tissue Paper, 1” hole punch, Mod Podge, and a paint brush.

Based on your party or theme, pick some coordinating colors of tissue paper. Carefully punch a bunch of circles with a 1″ hole punch. Be sure to make extra to sprinkle around your party! Place your glass cake stand upside down on your work surface. Pick up one piece of confetti in your finger tips and using your paint brush lightly coat one side of the confetti with Mod Podge. Stick onto your cake plate like a sticker. Be careful not to slide it around on the surface, and gently wipe away any streaks with a paper towel or Q-tip.  Repeat. Many times. Then repeat some more. Layer them until you like the result. If you want to remove a dot, just let it dry and peel it off. The dots are easily removable once your party is over. To make your creation more permanent, turn the stand upside down and spray the dots with a few layers of clear coat sealant and let dry (hand wash the stand if you decide to do this).

Once you have finished, you just flip over and enjoy. Since the dots and glue are under the glass, you can put food right on top with no worries.

Styling and photos by Jenny Batt

Next time you see black and green cake stands, don’t pass them by. These colors are great for springtime or paired with pink and of course for Halloween.

Top and bottom ruffled green cake stands Home Goods; jadeite milk glass stand Mosser Glass; black cake stand Rosanna Rococo Noir. Photo by Nicole Hill Gerulat

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