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How cute are these Halloween Carnival cupcakes decked out with a circus-tent inspired flag? They are just begging to be given away in a Cake Walk, or simply serve to satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth.

Halloween Cupcake Flags #halloween #printables #cupcaketoppers OneCharmingParty.com

Halloween Cupcake Flags #halloween #printables #cupcaketoppers OneCharmingParty.com

TO MAKE: Download and print our cupcake flags template. Cut flags down to size then glue a polka dot to a stripe flag with wrong sides together. Cut an inverted V shape on both ends then wrap around a toothpick and secure with a glue dot. Don’t forget the sprinkles! We use white sugar pearls along with black nonpareils and orange nonpareils.

Missed a post? Check out all of the Halloween Carnival Ideas. Photography, design and styling by Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry.

I love a classic cake so I’m always looking for ways to add something special without ruining the simplicity of my dessert. I topped this plain white cake with fresh berries for an easy and beautiful Fourth of July cake. Since berries are in season right now, it’s the perfect solution.

fourth of july cake

fourth of july cake

Originally created for our shoot with Real Simple. Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

Cheri Robinson from Simply Sweet Cakes joins me again in today’s episode of The One Charming Party Show, this time to show you how to make a checkerboard cake. There are a few tricks you need to know, but the end result is stunning. Your kids will be so impressed!

one charming party

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I love both of these cake paintings, probably because of the subject. For our recent cake stand giveaway  we asked for your favorite cake flavors. I thought it would be fun to tally the results. From over 800 responses, here are the top 31 cake flavors (do you see your favorite?):

1. Chocolate (by a landslide)
2. Lemon
3. Carrot
4. Red Velvet
5. White
6. Yellow
7. Strawberry
8. Coconut
9. German Chocolate
10. Funfetti
11. Cheesecake
12. Banana
13. Tres Leches
14. Orange
15. Pineapple
16. Peanut Butter
17. Apple
18. Almond
19. Spice
20. Key Lime
21. Ginger
22. Caramel
23. Angel
24. Hummingbird
25. Cherry
26. Butter
27. Guava
28. Champagne
29. Pumpkin
30. Oatmeal
31. Black Bottom

Here a few unique cakes, each listed only once:
Custard Apple
Better Than Sex
Boston Cream
Ice Cream Cake

Painting #1 by Wayne Thiebaud; painting #2 by Paul Ferney.

This Superhero Party is full of fun for everyone. But best of all, we’ve made it easy for you. Check out how simple it is to turn a plain cake into a party cake in minutes. And that means more time to spend with the birthday kid. (These cake toppers are included in our Superhero Party plan.)

The Superhero Party is now for sale in our shop. It’s delivered right to your email inbox immediately after ordering so you can see this party instantly and start planning. It includes over 60 pages of step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photos to clearly show you how to recreate this party at home. You’ll receive the printables pack to print out your own invitations, thank you cards, and these cake toppers. We’ve also added a resources section to help you find the supplies we used. Great for boys and girls, this party is only $25.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat. Graphic Design ©One Charming Party.

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