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Do you ever see those cute flower bunches at Costco or at an outside market? What do you do with them once you get home? I usually take my bouquet and cut off the ends and put them in a vase. I fool myself into believing that they are “wild” and “naturally” arranged. That they look good like that. Um, no. They don’t. I recently took two different floral arranging classes from two completely opposite teachers. One from an extension program through a local university and one at the Art Weekend that I recently attended. The first teacher was an old school, east coast professor type and the other was a hip, self taught wedding florist. I liked them both. And I will admit that with taking just two basic classes, I feel confident that I can now turn a simple bunch of flowers into a decent arrangement. Don’t get me wrong, flower arranging is a total skill that takes time to master. And I’d always prefer to have a pro do it for me. But in the comfort of my own home, surrounded by my four adoring kids who basically think everything I do is genius (they’re still young, okay?) I definitely have enough confidence to make some centerpieces for us. This is a fun and relatively inexpensive hobby and I would recommend a class like these to anyone. Did you see that Jane Packer has classes in NYC? Good thing I know a cool brother with an apartment there… And sometimes Eddie Ross will post a floral arranging class taught by him. I love Eddie Ross. Oh, and p.s. telling a professional florist that you buy flowers at Costco and just trim the ends and then throw the whole thing into a random vase is like telling your photography teacher that you always shoot on auto. They look at you horror stricken. Horror stricken, like you just admitted to a horrible crime. So if you find yourself in a similar situation, keep that little bit of info to yourself.

Three things that I learned:

1. Don’t make your arrangements too tall or else people will move them off of the table. Both instructors mentioned this.
2. Choose your vase and THEN find flowers that will look good in it. Interesting, since I always do the opposite.
3. Put your greens in first in a nice even distribution. No, put your greens in last to fill in the holes. Some contradiction between the two teachers, so either way is fine, I say.
autumn flowers
spring flowersOkay, I totally arranged both of these centerpieces. (Keep in mind that I didn’t get to choose the flowers, they were provided at the classes, so don’t judge.) And my photography is improving too, right?

I have such a fun weekend planned–all starting tomorrow! It’s packed full of so much craftiness. The amazing & super sweet photographer Nicole Hill Gerulat and her awesome crew are putting on The Art Weekend. I’m signed up for 5 classes: Floral Arranging, Photo 101, and Tabletop Photography on Thursday. And on Friday I’m taking Screenprinting and Bookbinding. Nicole has rounded up so many fabulous teachers that I wish I could take MORE classes.

Unfortunately Spark the Event is also this weekend. (Our fair state never has cool stuff like this. Why oh why did they both have to be the same weekend?) Anyway, I am overlapping classes a little bit on Friday so I’ll be hurrying back and forth between the two (luckily both events are in downtown Salt Lake City). Hosted by the darling & talented Rhonna Farrer, Margie Romney-Aslett, Jefra Linn, and Elizabeth Kartchner, Spark is going to be a once in a lifetime experience. They have rented out the historic monument site This Is The Place that is full of cool old buildings. It is Utah history to a tee. They are offering a bunch of mini classes on Friday. And on Saturday, there is a fabrics class, jewelry class, photography class, and a paper crafting/journaling class. I’m even making a weekend of it and staying in a hotel in the city to save on driving time. Anyone else going to one or both events?

cookie class 2
Maybe I should name this post: A trend that I don’t think will last. I took the designer cookie class workshop over the weekend at my local Viking Cooking School. It was fun. Chef Bryan from a local TV station was our chef. I hung out with my amazing design assistant Kara while we decorated Halloween cookies and learned some cool techniques using sugar cookies, fondant and royal icing. But even without eating any of the cookies, I’m pretty sure fondant on a cookie is a bad idea. Sure, it can look pretty (don’t look at my cookies for an example of that) but everyone knows that fondant doesn’t taste good. And cookies are supposed to taste good. Honestly, I don’t know where this trend is going. Let’s rank frosting by taste: 1. fondant (not so yummy) 2. royal icing (better, but really not yummy) 3. buttercream (yummiest). My prediction: I don’t see much of a future for cookies covered in yucky frosting. Proof: even my somewhat-sugar-starved kids wouldn’t eat them.

I attended the Startup Princess Event called Touchpoint a few weeks ago on September 11th. It was amazing and full of so many great speakers and thought provoking ideas. We were honored to listen to Amy Rees Anderson, Heather Bailey, Janice Croze, and Tony Litster. It was cool to hear how all of these great business people have had rough times. Often people like that seem like they have practically had their fabulous life handed to them. I loved the stories about their bad times too–makes them seem human after all. Here is a link to the play by play. But the best part was that I finally got to meet a bunch of my local twitter & blog friends in real life since a lot of them attended the conference.

I’m signed up for a bazillion classes right now. Currently I’m enrolled in an online photography class taught by Candice Stringham called “Oh Shoot.” Candice is an amazing and cute teacher. Unfortunately, I really stink at using my digital camera. I’m not sure if there is any hope… You all know that I hire professional photographers to shoot my parties, right? Right? The really bad photos on my blog are mine. Luckily I’m signed up for 3 more photography classes over the next few months (these ones are more hands on) but I’ll tell you more about those later. Did I mention that her class sold out in less than three hours? People from all over the world are signed up.

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