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It’s great when there’s time to plan out and make special party food. But when the craziness of life overlaps with a party or event, the result can be a frenzy of stressed out, night-before baking (trust me, I have been there!). There is a better way–a trip to the grocery store. In fact, the entire menu for this Girly Dinosaur Party is store bought. Between the lineup of fruit for the herbivore station and a trip to Whole Foods’ bakery section for the treat table, this party menu came together with just an hour of errand running.

entirely storebought party menu

store bought party menu

all store bought party menu

neon dinosaur party

A chocolate cake (Whole Foods bakery is the best for these because you can get plain cakes without any floral, theme-y decorations), a package of vanilla mini cupcakes, frosted sugar cookies, a package of powdered donuts, several bags of pink candy, and bags and bags of fruit make for a yummy, but oh-so-simple, party menu. One bonus of streamlining the menu–a little extra time for working on some of the dinosaur party decor projects (aka- spray painting things gold and neon pink).

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.

The dinosaur party decorations for this neon and pink girly theme is mostly modern, bright and shiny. What better way to add a little greenery to the mix than an Herbivore Station, complete with real grass as the table runner?

dinosaur party decor- real grass table runner

real grass table runner- dinosaur party

real grass table runner

girly dinosaur party

Adding real grass to the party decor is quite the focal point, and just plain fun. Even better, it is also super affordable! A 2′ x 4′ plot of grass cost less than $5 at our local Home Depot, making this grass-table-runner roughly the same cost as a disposable tablecloth. Fun, affordable, stand out dino party decor = win, win, win!

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.

After spraying a herd of neon pink and gold mini dinosaurs to sprinkle around the girly dino party decor, keep the gold spray paint out to make another standout accent–a golden triceratops bust!

DIY dinosaur decor

girly dinosaur party

golden triceratops bust

Using a foam dinosaur mask as the base (find one here), a couple coats of gold spray paint transform this dress up trunk staple into a dino party decor star! Better yet, the finished product is light and easy to hang, making this glam accent the perfect diy dinosaur wall decor.

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.

A fleet of neon pink and gold dinosaurs are the perfect way to give the usually-boyish dino party a girly spin.

dinosaur party decor ideas

dinosaur party decor ideas

To make these little lovelies, collect a pile of plastic dinosaurs in various colors. Place on a cardboard/paper surface and cover part in neon pink spray paint and the other part in gold spray paint, re-coating as necessary. Gold spray paint will cover the dinosaurs with far fewer coats (tip: set aside all of the lightest colored dinos for the neon pink spray paint, and possibly even add a coat of primer before painting!). Both the neon pink and the gold dinos add so much to the dinosaur decorations for this girls party.

neon and gold dinosaur decor

The uses for these pink and gold beauties as part of the dino party decor is endless- use them in between fruit baskets…

dinosaur party decor ideas

…guarding the table full of treats…

dinosaur cake topper

…and even decked out with a mini party hat as a cake topper!

dinosaur party decor ideas

And keep the gold spray paint handy for a couple of other dino party projects (check back in tomorrow for another one, in fact!).

Photography, styling + design by Kirstin Gentry.

Who says dinosaur parties are just for boys? Add neon pink accents plus a hefty dose of gold and this prehistoric party turns gorgeously girly! Pink patterns, pops of neon, and a sprinkling of gold are a modern take on this classically masculine theme.

girly neon and gold dinosaur party by shiny happy sprinkles

girl dinosaur party

neon dinosaur party

girly dinosaur party

neon pink and gold dino party

dinosaur party favors and decor

neon and gold dinosaur party

Cheeky pink and gold dinosaurs, ranging from teeny toys to a triceratops bust, dot every surface from the treat table to the ‘Herbivore Station.’ A plethora of produce in fabulous neon bags (and sitting on a tablecloth of grass) make the healthier fare fun. Though, as always, the treat table creates quite the draw–the treat-guarding-dino’s won’t scare off a single guest. Favors (dinosaur toys and puzzles,) a ‘dino watering hole’ equipped with more than just water, and more pink and gold goodness rounded out the bright, sparkle-y festivities!

A Dinosaur Party for girls, more details and tutorials to come this week…

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.

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