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This Mad Scientist party was a lot of fun. My best advice is to know ahead of time that things are going to get crazy and messy, but enjoy the experiments and clean up later. I thought it might be helpful to list all of the experiments that we did at the party. I’ll be going into more detail over the next few days, but for simplicity here they all are:

1. jelly marbles with food coloring in a test tube
2. rainbow cupcakes made with sprite
3. blow up a balloon using baking soda and vinegar
4. experimenting with dry ice, water and coins
5. make your own chocolates from a kit
6. slime
7. tornado tube that turns water into a funnel shape
8. fake snow
9. can you turn grape juice into purple soda pop?
10. the old diet coke and mentos fountain

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To give this party a more authentic feel I bought some “official” lab equipment.

1. a brand new, never used 16 oz. plastic bottle
2. a small glass pitcher for holding water
3. Erlenmeyer flask
4. plastic test tubes
5. safety glasses
6. various containers for holding small experiment objects
7. the favor box that they took all of their finished experiments home in

I set up two kids per table. They shared some items and other items were their own. Of course I brought a bunch more stuff to use for the experiments, but these are the basic supplies that they started out with. Don’t worry, when I show you the experiments in detail you’ll get all the deets.

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Mad scientist parties are all the rage, and I can see why. It’s hard to keep the attention of a large group of 11 year olds. But throw in some some dry ice, slime and a few explosions and you have yourself a winner. I’ll take you step-by-step through this party so that you can try this yourself at home.

For this invite I typed up the party info in a very plain and scientific-y way. It read:

Come & experiment with us at a MAD SCIENTIST birthday party
[birthday child’s name and other party info here]
It’ll be totally explosive. You should come.
Absolutely no presents please.
If brought they will be dropped into toxic waste.

I folded it down and tucked it into a small petri dish. Small printer labels fold around the edge to keep the top secure for delivery.

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For this party my client wanted a dessert buffet with really cute desserts. I wanted to focus on the color pink and the number 1. The next few desserts were made by the very talented Dusti, owner of .
one white marshmallows
one pink marshmallows
one lemon
one brownies
My client made these chocolate dipped strawberries, a family favorite.
one whitestrawberries
one chocstrawberries
Some cute “1” sugar cookies made by a local Mother & Daughter cookie company.
one cookies
Darling mini-cupcakes by Cakewalk Baking Company.
one suckers
one toppers
The whole dessert table.
one table
Yummy desserts provided by Très Sucré and Cakewalk Baking Company. All of these darling party pictures were taken by the amazing Dirk Widdison.

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one flowers
I tried to use the number “1” as much as I could at this party. I had this idea in my head to put ones in the flower arrangements somehow, maybe on a stick or something. But finally it came to me that I could just apply a vinyl “1” to the vase and it would be so inexpensive and easy. I ordered my vinyl from Chatty Walls. I like the way these turned out, but I’d try one of their colored vinyls next time, maybe pink?

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