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How I made these sandwiches:
1. I cut a piece of thick paper into a square, the size that I wanted the sandwiches to be.
2. I cut each piece of bread to the size of the cardboard, removing the crusts.
3. I spread jam between two pieces of bread and made the sandwiches.
4. I measured the size of the bread/cardboard and cut scrapbooking paper to about 3/4 the size of the bread and long enough to wrap around the sandwich.
5. I folded the paper where it bent around the sandwich to make a crease, then I taped the paper together.
Have I confused you yet?

I found the cups in this picture at my local thrift store (for a deal). I cut regular length red-striped straws in half to fit in the cups. I put heart shaped ice cubes in the juice as well, but they melted too quickly to get a good picture of them.

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We served a sweet little drink at the valentine’s party: pink lemonade with heart ice cubes.

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Okay, I hate high fructose corn syrup. My secret is out. I do. I don’t feed it to my kids. I don’t feed it to myself. We don’t drink it. I’m a total label reader. This is all fine and good except that adults are used to having their favorite sodas on hand at a party. Weighing this fact with trying to please my husband at his birthday party and still being true to my own feelings on the subject, I decided to import some of our party drinks. I bought some of the Mexican Coke from Costco since it contains sugar instead of corn syrup and I had some Dr. Pepper shipped from Dublin, TX where they still make Dr. P from sugar. Buying soda with out high fructose corn syrup can be more easily done thanks to the new throwback Pepsi & Mountain Dews. And there is always Jones Soda. My local Wal-Mart even stocks the Mexican sodas that are made with sugar, not corn syrup. Now if only I didn’t care about artificial coloring, but that’s a topic for another day. If you have any other soda ideas made without high fructose corn syrup, I’d love to hear them.
trophy husband drinks
Rule #3: Keep husband happy and make sure he has some Pelligrino to drink. Oh, and you can get your Dublin Dr. Pepper at Old Doc’s Soda Shop.

This week I’m featuring a tea party that I helped a dear, dear friend with. This was actually my “first” party. Or maybe you could call it a pre-party. I think I’ve progressed a lot since then and I’m so grateful to this friend for letting me practice on her. Thanks Brook!

She had the darling idea to use mismatched tea cups and saucers from the thrift store and then to send them home with the guests as a gift. She let her daughter pick out the dishes.
tea party table full2

For this American Girl Party I had floral arrangements made for the tables using more “wild” type flowers and I used mason jars as the vases to put a fun twist on it.
pioneer 3flowers
I used mismatched china plates and silverware to give the tables a more eclectic, prairie feel. I did have to use paper napkins because my vintage looking handkerchiefs didn’t arrive in time (although I checked the mailbox right before I left for the party, just in case). And I had my calligrapher write up place cards in the same font as the invitation envelopes.
pioneer 5plate
I used small cups and “salad” size plates, partially because the party was for younger girls, but also for a more miniature feel since it was a doll party.
pioneer 7table
Here are the girls enjoying all of their hard work.
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