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For parties, okay and at home too, I like to use organic and all natural candy–free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. I like to make sure that the candy I use doesn’t contain any high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils either. I know what you’re thinking, “Lighten up, it’s just a party. Why go to all of this trouble for healthy candy?” Honestly, I’m not always this extreme. But I make the effort because I think it’s healthier for the kiddos and I love to support like minded businesses. I think the companies who make these candies have great ideas, old fashioned wisdom, and a concern for the future. And all of our kids are the future.

* A few people wanted to know where I buy candy from. I buy gum from Glee Gum. I also often look on Natural Candy Store and at Hammond’s selection of all natural candy. And Amazon often has a good selection of organic candy. Just do a search to see what they currently have.

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tea party favors2a goal, no plastic toys as party favors. okay, this is a toughie because parties basically equal plastic. they do. it’s hard to fill a goodie bag without using plastic. and it makes sense to save money when having a party, but cutting corners at the expense of the environment doesn’t help anyone in the long run. and let’s face it, how many of our “plastic goodies” just end up in the garbage the day after the party? every once in a while I will use a plastic toy, but my favorite alternative is to give one great gift that is handmade (either bought or made myself). for example, these cute handmade cupcakes were part of the take home party favor for this tea party birthday and they were ordered from etsy. just make sure your brilliant handmade gift won’t end up in the trash too.

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American Girl Party. We all want fun parties for our kids, and we don’t want to arrive empty-handed at somebody else’s. But, personally, I have a toy room full of toys that my kids don’t play with. Toys eventually break and, because most are non-recyclable, end up in the landfills. This is why I have started insisting that no gifts be brought to my own kids’ birthday parties. It can be tricky to sell your child on this, especially if they are used to getting gifts at their parties. But with a little encouragement you might be surprised as how well it goes over. If you feel more comfortable, let the kids who are coming choose if they would like to bring a small donation to a charity, such as an animal shelter. Why not try it at your next party? Who knows, you might just start a trend in your neighborhood.

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I think it’s always a great idea to use reusable linens verses disposable products at a party. This includes tablecloths, chair covers, chair ties, napkins, etc. It’s more of an investment initially and yes, you will have to wash them, but they look so much nicer and at the end of the party you can feel great about having one less thing to throw away.
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Did you know that latex balloons are biodegradable? Latex isn’t plastic, it’s a natural product made from the sap of rubber trees and collected through a tapping process very similar to the one used for collecting the maple sap used in maple syrup. But mylar balloons, plastic balloon clips, and curling ribbon aren’t biodegradable. So hand tie your balloons and use a cotton or other natural fiber balloon string. Because who wants a balloon to spoil the fun?

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