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I’m sure you’ve been seeing it everywhere this year, it’s the Pantone Color of the Year. The color for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. I was inspired by this lovely shade of purple and wanted to share some ways you could incorporate it into your parties. These ideas would be great for any party where you just wanted to show your people some love.

pantone color of the year

Idea One: Orchid Favor I found this tiny orchid at Trader Joe’s and was smitten. Orchids are cool, but miniature orchids? Awesome. This is obviously a great way to bring in this fun shade of purple and all you need is a great container (I’ve sprayed a simple pot with chalkboard paint) and a name tag. Add some moss, cute dishes, and a little pop of purple paper and you have, very simply, added flair to your dinner table! You could go one step further and write a kind note and nestle it right into the moss.


Idea Two: Love Note Placemat This idea takes no time at all. Grab a white pen and black cardstock and get to writing! Don’t worry about making it perfect, just write things you love about the person in your natural handwriting in rows across the paper. I broke the words up using tiny dots and hearts but do whatever you like. Finish up the corners with a rounded-corner punch and you have a keepsake note doubling as your party decor. I also found a simple initial from the craft store and cut and glued glitter cardstock on the top to mark the seat.


Idea Three: Conversation Hearts We aren’t talking about the candy here. Instead I’m using simple cardstock in a variety of shades, cut into hearts, wrapped up with bouillon wire, and placed in the center of your plate. Include a couple pens tied with a bit of ribbon and watch the compliments fly. Each guest can write things they love about the other guests at the party!


As your guests write, they can share what they wrote and toss the heart into the middle of the table. Your plate decorations will soon create a darling centerpiece for the rest of the meal. Afterwards, each guest can take their hearts to keep or you could string them up into a garland. Either way you’ve created a darling centerpiece, played a fun game, AND spread the love.



Hope you are inspired by this lovely shade of purple too!

Flowers are always a fun addition to any party, but you don’t always have to go overboard to make a statement. In this flower tutorial I’ll show you how to make  some simple summer flower centerpieces using only three stems of flowers. The key is to use focal flowers (e.g., gerbera daisies, sunflowers, peonies, dahlias). I’m using white spider mums because they are inexpensive and readily available. They also stay fresh for days, so you can make your arrangement well in advance.

easy summer flowers

You will need the following tools: 
· Simple opaque container (the container shown here is approximately 4” in diameter)

· Wet floral foam (more about this below)

· Moss

· Greening pins (shown later)

· Something to cut with (floral knife, scissors, clippers)

easy summer flowers

Step One: Cut, soak, and place the floral foam

Floral foam is the beginning floral designer’s best friend. It creates a water source for your flowers and allows you to put flowers exactly where you want them which eliminates a lot of frustration. A couple notes about floral foam. One, when you purchase it make sure you are buying the wet foam. There is also a dry foam which is used for silk flower arranging. Second, when you soak the foam, fill up a container with water and set the foam on top and let it sink naturally. Don’t push it down because the foam won’t absorb the water properly. Check out  this video for other tips on working with floral foam.

Measure your foam to your container and cut accordingly. You want the foam to fit snugly in your container. You can also secure the foam with pot tape, but it isn’t necessary for a simple centerpiece.


Step Two: Arrange flowers in floral foam

Once the foam is in place, start adding your flowers. The first spider mum should be placed at an angle and cut short to face the the front as shown. The second spider mum should be cut slightly longer than the first and positioned facing up like it was growing. The third is similar to the second just cut even longer than the second. The three stems should form a sort of triangle.



Step Three: Cover floral foam

After you are satisfied with the position of your flowers, you can cover the floral foam with moss. You can use a variety of things to cover the foam (greenery, colored moss, etc.). Spanish moss is a great thing to have on had though and it covers things quickly and aesthetically. To secure the moss we are using floral greening pins. These are available at most craft stores or from your local floral shop. If you can’t find greening pins, you can also use small pieces of wire bent into the shape of a staple.


Step Four: Embellish

Now you have a lovely little arrangement. You can leave it as is or add a fun little message! For the embellishment you will need scissors, pretty paper, a stripey-straw, pen, and glue.


Using your best penmanship, write a little message like “hello” or “thanks for coming” and glue the message to a piece of pretty paper. Then glue the message to a a fun stripey straw.



Place the straw in the floral foam and you’ve got a cute arrangement to use on a welcome table or as a centerpiece. This would also be a darling favor or hostess gift.

easy summer flowers

Click for more flower ideas.

Quick tips for making birthday party flower arrangements:

1. Find a fun, unique container (glass vase, mason jar, thrifted wooden box, or garden pot).
2. Pick flowers in a coordinating color scheme. Group like flowers together in your hand and bind each group with rubberband.
3. Arrange in vase. Add ribbon/twine or leave plain
4. Keep the arrangements loose – maybe even use flowers from your own garden!





Flowers by Megan Dunford. Photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

Here are some unique halloween flower ideas for all of your upcoming parties — specimen boards. Just take a few flowers and create creepy looking bugs and other scary specimens. We have several examples below, but you can always use flowers and plants that you have on hand to invent your own.

You will need: a frame, foam core board, black paint, scrapbooking paper, pins, tags or labels, plants from garden

1. Find an old frame and cut a piece of foam core to a size that will fit inside the frame. Secure the foam core to the frame with glue or tape.
2. Paint the foam core or cover with scrapbooking paper.
3. Find a selection of eerie looking plants in your yard (or your neighbor’s yard, but don’t forget to ask permission!).

Tip: Pick plants that have a spooky quality. Even dried blooms would look great and in October, most plants will be done blooming which will be perfect for this project. Plants used here were lavendar, lamb’s ear, dahlia buds, fern, ivy, moss, oregon grape, veronica, etc.

4. Create spooky names for each plant and write them on tags (hand write yourself or download our printable). Be creative. Some names used here: cuckoo’s nest (see how to make paper flowers here), pond fern, swamp moss, dragon eye, witch hazel, wolf’s bane, prickle bush, nightshade, etc.

5. Pin plants to foam core and attach tags/labels next to them.

Want more inspiration? Check out the Halloween flower arrangement ideas Megan created last year.

Flowers by Megan Dunford. Photography by Julie Parker

If you need some apple centerpiece ideas for your next fall bash, I have few for you today. An apple tower, a mini apple vase, and you can always incorporate a few apples into your arrangement using fresh apples and a large floral pick.

Apple Tower Instructions
You will need: a wooden dowel for each tower (1/2″ or 3/4″ or just slightly smaller than the diameter of your apple corer), a flat wooden square for each tower, paint (if desired), wood glue, apples, apple corer

1. Drill a hole into a flat wooden square (the same diameter as the dowel)
2. Cute dowel to desired length
3. Insert dowel into hole and secure with wood glue
4. If desired, paint the dowel and square
5. Let dry
6. On the day of, core apples with apple corer
7. Spritz with lemon juice to prevent browning (although you can’t see it if they do brown)
8. Stack apples onto dowel
9. For the top apple, do not core all the way through, only half way. That way you have a whole looking apple on top

Apple Vase Instructions
You will need: apples, flowers, apple corer

1. Create small hole in apple (on top or to the side)
2. Find a small hardy bloom (daisies work great!) and cut stem short
3. Place bloom in hole

A few tips: Create apple vases right before event to keep them looking fresh. Try a brightly painted base or plain wood base. You can use any number of fruits or a variety. Reuse the dowels for multiple parties.

To see the finished apple centerpiece, check out my post at Disney Baby.

Flowers and styling by Megan Dunford. Photography by Julie Parker

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