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Summer evenings–still warm, still light, filled with cricket chirps and the smell of grilling–are truly the perfect backdrop for any party. But no party is quite so well matched to the summer-y goodness as the Ice Cream Party!

Ice Cream Party on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty

Ice Cream Party on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty

Ice Cream Party on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty

ice cream party #icecreamparty

summer's best party- cherry on top! #icecreamparty

An ice cream theme matches perfectly with the laid back vibe of Summer. Even better, not only is this party easy to put together, it is filled to the brim with summer-y details, including yummy scoops of ice cream (and a buffet of toppings), a rainbow of pastel hued decor, and fabulous favors. Check back all week for details, including ice cream party decor tutorials, scrumptious how-to’s and tons of ice cream party ideas. All served with a cherry on top.

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.

Celebrate summer with decorative paper ice cream cones to embellish everything–from straws and berry boxes to colorful garlands–at your next party.

Ice Cream Cone DIY on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty

You will need: scrap paper in various patterns, scissors, ice cream cookie cutter, pen or pencil, hot glue gun

Directions: Using an ice cream cone cookie cutter, trace the scoop part of the cone with a pen, on patterned paper. Cut out the ice cream scoop with a pair of scissors and then cut a triangle cone shape with a contrasting color paper. Glue the two pieces together with a thin bead of glue and wait 1-2 minutes for the glue to cool off and dry fully. Now that you have the paper ice cream cone basics figured out, you can add these summer paper goodies to nearly anything party-related with a little bit of extra glue: paper straws, party garlands, even gift boxes or berry baskets.

Ice cream diy supplies

Ice Cream DIY how to on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty

Ice Cream Cone DIY on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty

Ice Cream Cone DIY on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty

These diy ice cream party decorations are so easy to make and can be customized to any party’s color and style theme with the right paper.

Concept, photography + styling by Brittni Mehlhoff.

As a nod to foam pool noodles everywhere (which scream summer if you ask me) here is a fun foam gift tag DIY. Create these colorful ice cream cones in a pinch, to decorate gifts for an upcoming pool party or birthday bash.

Ice Cream Cone gift tag on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty

You will need: 8.5×11 foam sheets (or larger) in various colors, string or yarn, scissors, small hole punch, glue gun or craft glue, pen or pencil

Directions: Start by free-handing an ice cream scoop shape onto a sheet of foam. Note: If you’re uncomfortable with free-hand drawing, find an open-source image online that you like. Print, cut, and trace instead. Then, cut out the ice cream scoop with a pair of scissors. Next, cut a simple triangle shape with a contrasting color, for the cone. Then, using a pair of scissors, gently carve grooves into the triangle to give it a waffle cone look. Glue the ice cream scoop and cone together with a bead of hot glue and give it a minute or so to cool off and dry. Then punch a hole in the top of the ice cream cone, and string a piece of yarn through the hole. Attach to a wrapped gift and you are all done.

Ice Cream Cone gift tag on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty

Ice Cream Cone gift tag on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty

Ice Cream Cone gift tag on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty

Concept, photography + styling by Brittni Mehlhoff.

Stay cool. Even an ice cream party deserves a cool cake. Take a simple ice cream cake and top it with chocolate ganache. Add a chocolate ice cream cone to the top to make it look like melted ice cream. Don’t forget the sprinkles.

Here’s the scoop. Ice cream is the star of this party. Set up an ice cream bar with cute cups, a variety of flavors and an assortment of toppings so guests can make their own sundaes. Then give them a spoon and let them dig in.

Freeze. After everyone has enjoyed their fill of ice cream, let them have fun with a few activities. Play ice cream freeze dance and make bracelets. These cute ice cream cone and popsicle charms were found on Etsy.

Look at what we’ve whipped up. After the party is over, send your guests home with a party favor in an empty ice cream container. Print out our labels onto adhesive backed paper and cut out. Fill the container with anything you’d like and tie it up with a pretty ribbon and a pink spoon.

To download the favor label, click on the image below.

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Here’s a sweet treat for the birthday girl.

Ice Cream Cone Party Hat

1. Prepare the ice cream cone first. Glue large sprinkles onto the base of the cone with white Elmer’s glue. Make a hole into the top of the cone and insert a foil cake topper (ours is from ABC Cake Decorating in Orange, CA). If you don’t have a foil topper you can use your own home made streamers.

2. Using crepe paper, make 2 rosettes. This cute polka dot streamer is from Party City. With a hot glue gun, glue the cone onto the first rosette. Then glue the rosette/cone onto a plain headband. This simple headband is from H&M.

3. Using hot glue, glue the second rosette to the bottom so the headband is sandwiched between the two rosettes. See photo below. Voila! An ice cream cone party hat.

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