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Hop on over for a Bunny Party. You can print these free invitations for a one, two, and three year old birthday party. Or you can use our generic Easter party invitation for any non-birthday, springtime soiree. Don’t forget to cut out the ears at the top and add a cotton ball tail.

Click below to download an invitation:

Some bunny is turning one.
Some bunny is turning two.
Some bunny is turning three.
Some bunny is having a party.

©One Charming Party.

Spring feels like it’s right around the corner–and what better way to celebrate than a Strawberry Party! Make mini envelopes using strawberry fabric and glue them to a piece of 6″ x 6″ kraft paper. Using water colors, hand paint some strawberries onto the mini invite and mailing envelope for a little something extra. There’s even more party ideas for this berry adorable Strawberry Party to come, so tune in all this week.

We’re so excited to have one of our fave event planners Melanie Blodgett as a guest contributor this week. Visit her on her own blog, You Are My Fave. Photos by Leslie Tippets.

We’re so excited to bring you our first boy party in our new line of DIY party plans: The Dinosaur Party. Cutesy dinosaur parties are a thing of the past. Young paleontologists want a real dino adventure. Party guests will jump right in to the action as they travel back through time in a prehistoric treasure hunt that all leads to a fantastic bone dig. Don’t worry. We’ll walk you through everything, from making the bones to finding the tools to hiding the clues. After the dig, hungry fossil hunters will have worked up a giganti-saurus appetite. We’ve laid out a full lunch spread, perfect for carnivores and herbivores alike. And after the party is over, you’ll send your guests home with their own dino-mite surprise. It’s a Jurassic journey your birthday boy won’t forget!

This DIY party plans comes right to your inbox as a downloadable pdf and includes over 50 pages of tutorials, party instructions and amazing photos–including step by step directions on how to make dinosaur bones. It also includes the printables pack with invitations, thank you’s, cupcake toppers, name tags, dino hunt clues and more. We’ve been dreaming up this party for so long and we can’t wait for you to create a special day for your child.

Don’t have immediate plans for a dinosaur party? We hope that you will still buy this pdf, look through its pages, and let the ideas and pictures spark your imagination. After all, these party plans are designed to inspire you and give you some awesome eye candy (the photos are gorgeous) whether or not you are going to throw this party. This party is now available in our shop.

To start you off, we thought we’d show you the Dinosaur Party invitations. Perfect for a t-riffic time. They are included in the printables section of the party pdf.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

Introducing… the invitations for the Pajama Glam Party! Custom designed for this pajama party theme, they are the perfect girly-pink combination. These invites are part of the printables portion of our diy downloadable pdf. The pdf contains over 50 pages of photos and instructions on how to recreate this party yourself, plus all of the printables so you can print out everything you need. Also included are the thank you cards, place cards, cupcake toppers, favor tags and more. This party is now available for purchase in our shop.

Photo by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

Holy superheroes Batman, it’s Wonder Woman! My husband had a crush on Wonder Woman when he was young. Maybe it was her awesome costume or her invisible jet. I don’t know. But I knew that for his birthday I had to throw him a Wonder Woman party. This party is super simple, but I hope you can still get some inspiration from it.

The invitations are old school Wonder Woman cards that I bought online. The stamps are from the Super Heroes stamp collection (U.S. Postal). And I found the retro metal sign at a local antique shop. Don’t turn that dial, there will be more excitement from this party tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

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