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When your Monster Party has come and gone, and it is time to say good-bye, don’t let your party guests leave without taking home some yummy monsters to eat.



You will need: Reese peanut butter cup candies, monster faces printable download, favor bag topper printable download, 1 inch circle punch, clear plastic bags around 4 inches wide, stapler

Directions: First, print out the monster faces onto sticker paper. Cut the monster faces into strips and punch out the faces with the 1 inch circle punch. Stick the monster faces onto the tops of Reese peanut butter cup candies. Stuff the candies into a clear plastic bag. Next, print and cut out the favor bag topper printable onto cardstock. Fold the bag topper over the top of the bag and staple into place.


Back to School party decorations on onecharmingparty.com #backtoschoolideas

Back to School party decorations on onecharmingparty.com #backtoschoolideas

Photography, design + styling by Sara Schmutz.

Monster party games are so much more fun when you have little furry monsters to toss around. Instead of buying monster stuffed animals, you can make your own. Included below is an easy tutorial on how to make furry monsters. Little plush monsters are a great entertainment at the party!


These cute little monsters make perfect game partners for the following party games:
Monster Toss – toss these little monsters into buckets or halloween cauldrons.
Monster Dash – run an obstacle relay race and use the monsters as the relay baton.
Hot Monster – played like hot potato, have the kids sit in a circle and pass the monster around until the music stops. Whoever is holding the monster when the music stops is out.

You will need: furry fabric, craft or wool felt, sewing machine, plastic craft eyes, cotton batting, tacky glue

Directions: First, Cut two same sized rectangles out of the furry fabric & felt. I cut mine to be 5 inches by 7 inches. Place the fabrics together, wrong side out. Sew along three of the edges. You can easily give your monsters different shapes by sewing straight or curved lines into your fabric. I went ahead and curved the top of my monsters. Just be sure to leave the bottom not sewn. Next, flip the monsters right side out and stuff with cotton batting. Pinch the open bottom and sew it closed. Glue the craft eyes onto your monsters and let dry.




Photography, design + styling by Sara Schmutz.

The best way to decorate for a Monster Party is to be sure and have plenty of monsters hanging around! These little monsters make a fun garland, but also would be great sitting on a dessert table or craft table. They are really easy to make, and depending on what materials you use, you can come up with endless possibilities.


The three monsters here are: the Furry Monster, the Feeling Blue Monster, & the Mummy Monster.


You will need:
Furry Monster – fur material, paper cup, paper cup template download, craft eyes, glue
Feeling Blue Monster – blue paper cup, craft eyes, glue
Mummy Monster – crepe streamer, paper cup, craft eyes, glue

Directions: To hang the monsters up, use some washi tape and tape the top of the paper cups to twine to hang up. If you have a hard time keeping the cups hung with the tape, you can also glue the twine to the top of the cups.


Back to School party decorations on onecharmingparty.com #backtoschoolideas

Photography, design + styling by Sara Schmutz.

You can easily host a Monster Bash in the fall, as a Halloween Party or even as a birthday party. Monsters can be a little more playful, and a lot less scary than a lot of Halloween parties. It makes for a very fun party theme! Furry fabric always makes me think of big furry monsters, but you could use any monster inspiring fabric to make your monsters.


You will need: monster invitation printable download, plastic craft eyes, furry fabric, quick dry tacky glue

Directions: First, print and cut out your invitations. Next, cut your fabric into 5in x 7in rectangles. Place glue all around on the back of your invitation, be sure to get the corners. Glue the fabric onto the invitation. Take as many craft eyes as your monster needs, and glue them onto the fabric. Let your invitation dry before delivering.



Photography, design + styling by Sara Schmutz.

If you’re having a Halloween bash for the little goblins in your life, you can download this free printable: Monster Party Invitations. Enjoy!

free printable monster party invitations

Photography, design and styling by Alma Loveland.

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