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There are only a few more episodes left of The One Charming Party Show before we break for the summer. Today Melissa Esplin from ISLY is back and this time she shares her talent for calligraphy and some awesome calligraphy tips. She’ll tell you all about one of her favorite and cheapest hobbies and how you can get started. I love hand addressed invitations—you won’t want to miss this episode.

SNAP! (a creative conference) is this weekend at Thanksgiving Point. I can’t believe it’s finally here! If you will be there, please say hi.

My mom, Kristie Blanchard, joins me again on The One Charming Party Show this week. I love her cinnamon almonds recipe and I convinced her to show you how she makes them. We didn’t have a stove to actually cook the almonds, but it’s nice to hear the directions directly from her.

cinnamon almonds recipe

I’ve already posted the cinnamon almonds recipe here, if you’d like to see it.

I’m a few days late letting you know, but there is a new episode of The One Charming Party Show up on My Craft Channel. One of my best friends, Kelly Rigby Winslow, joins me on the show to demonstrate how to make the ever popular chocolate mustache on a stick.

You can also see a quick tutorial on chocolate mustaches at Sweet as the Punch, my inspiration for this episode.

Another episode of The One Charming Party Show is up. Megan Dunford joins me again and this time she has some cute garland ideas for St. Patrick’s Day and other spring celebrations. I always love the fun ideas that Megan comes up with (and my kids do too).

Oops, I missed telling you about a recent episode of The One Charming Party Show, so today I’m letting you know about the latest two shows.

Paper Flowers: Megan Dunford joins me again and she’ll teach you how to make paper flowers. These flowers are so cute and you can incorporate them with real bouquets or use them on their own.

Bath Bombs: And the second episode features Eva Jorganson from Sycamore Street Press. I’ll show you how to make some simple bath bombs. They’re perfect for party favors, teacher gifts, and housewarming presents. And Eva’s adorable, you won’t want to miss it.



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