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A rainbow of ice cream scoops is the perfect way to set the scene for a sweet Ice Cream Party. Hung all in a row, these cones make a great backdrop for a favor or treat table at a summer soiree. Check out the felt ice cream cone tutorial below.

ice cream cones on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty #icecreampartyideas

ice cream cones on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty #icecreampartyideas

You will need: scissors, felt in a rainbow of colors (including a color for the cones), ribbon, sewing machine

Directions: To make the felt ice cream cones, cut out the entire rainbow of circles for every ice cream cone you want to make. Then, cut out brown triangles (cones) and smaller circles as cherries. Cut lengths of ribbon as long as all of the scoops and part of the cone. This will help stabilize the felt. The color of the ribbon doesn’t matter since you won’t see it. Sew the ribbon to the back of the cone and all of the scoops. Leave a long tail of thread for hanging. *Note: For a no-sew version, you could hot glue the ribbon in place instead.

ice cream cones on onecharmingparty.com #icecreamparty #icecreampartyideas

Hang your tall, rainbow hued ice cream cones in a row. If your party palette is more pastel-than-bright, hang tulle or sheer curtains in front of the row of ice cream cones to mute the brightness of the felt. Add a table full of favors and you’ve set the stage for scoops of fun!

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.

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