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Add a barrel of refreshment to your next summer soiree. A kids non alcoholic sangria bar (paired with a Sangria Bar, or even solo) is a unique and fun addition to any party.

At your next party, serve mason jars filled with 'kids sangria' (aka- juice with fruit). onecharmingparty.com #summerparty #sangria

Add a wheelbarrel full of 'kids sangria' to your next summer party! onecharmingparty.com #kidssangria #drinks

How to make mason jars full of 'kids sangria' onecharmingparty.com #summerparty #drink

how to make kids' sangria onecharmingparty.com #drinks #kids

Add fruit to mason jars (blueberries and watermelon scooped with a melon baller worked great). Mix up a couple of pitchers of punch (for each batch, try one can of pineapple juice, 1 scoop of Country Time lemonade, 36 ounces of water and 1 liter of gingerale) and pour the juice on top of the fruit. Screw on the mason jar lids and refrigerate. Add the mason jars (with the lids still screwed on) to a wheel barrel. Keep cold with ice.

Mason jars full of 'kids sangria' (juice and fruit) is the perfect addition to any summer party! onecharmingparty.com #sangria #drinks

A wheelbarrel plus mason jars full of 'kids sangria' equals the greatest addition to any summer party! #sangria #summerparty

Your guests will be over the moon for this yummy, fruity, wheelbarrel full of refreshment!

kid's sangria flagsThe “Kid’s Sangria” printable flags are available for download and printing.

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The great thing about throwing an Outer Space Party is that there are spheres-waiting-to-become-planets and cylinders-waiting-to-become-rockets everywhere! Gumballs, donut holes, paper lanterns and bouncy balls all become, you guessed it, planets. And soda bottles beckon to become rocket ships.

how to make soda bottle rocket ships

You will need: soda in glass bottles, silver tissue paper, washi tape or other tape, card stock

Directions: Get a soda bottle ready for blast-off with this diy rocket ship. Cut a length of silver tissue paper, a few inches tall. Fringe the bottom edge. Wrap around the bottom edge of the soda bottle and tape in place. Print out a cardstock bottle wrap (a little circle in the middle looks like a portal window). Wrap around the soda bottle, above the fringed silver paper. Then cut out a circle (a few inches in diameter), cut a slit from the outside edge to the center, and then overlap the cut edges (making a cone) and tape in place. Secure the cone to the bottle cap with tape. Done–ready for blast off!

how to make rocket botle ships

outer space party rocket ship

Back to School party decorations on onecharmingparty.com #backtoschoolideas

Photography, design + styling by Kirstin Gentry.

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