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Watercolor is a definite favorite when crafting during the Spring and Summer. The color possibilities are endless and no skill is required — that’s our kind of project. This watercolor invitation diy is so easy to do, but even more fun to receive! If you are having any kind of gathering this month, skip the store-bought invites and paint your own.

Watercolor invites on onecharmingparty.com #diyinvitations

You will need: assorted watercolor paints, paintbrush, paper, triangular-paper punch, letter stamps, ink pad

Watercolor invites on onecharmingparty.com #diyinvitations

Directions: Cover each sheet of paper with your choice of watercolor and let dry. Feel free to mix colors. Make a sheet of warm colors and a sheet of cool colors if you like.

Watercolor invites on onecharmingparty.com #diyinvitations

Using your paper punch, punch out small pieces of paper in different sections of the painted areas. A triangular-shaped paper punch makes the invite look like a mini-bunting. A giant circle punch could be super fun as well.

Watercolor invites on onecharmingparty.com #diyinvitations

Take your stamps and stamp the letters to the word “party” using one stamp at a time. If you want to put more information, cut out more shapes. Write the small details like when, where, and who on the other pieces of confetti.

Watercolor invites on onecharmingparty.com #diyinvitations

Stuff the pieces of confetti in an envelope and send them on their merry way. Your friends will be thrilled to receive this colorful mail!

Photography, design + styling by Lexy Ward.

A few months ago MailChimp featured me on their “MailChimp for Bloggers” page. I’m a huge fan of MailChimp and I’ve used their platform for years to send out blogging emails to all of you for promotions and other things. (The amazing + talented Leo Patrone came to the Bake It Pretty warehouse and took some photos of me for the feature. I could write a whole blog post just about the fun photoshoot. You can see two of the weddings that Leo has photographed here and here.)


Anyway, since I use MailChimp to send out my newsletter and daily post emails, I thought this would be the perfect time to announce the release of the latest series of newsletters. They will arrive in your inbox about every 10 days, starting next week. There will be tons of party ideas and recipes, a mix of the old and the new. If you haven’t signed up yet, look for the box in the sidebar —–>. Here’s a peek at the first edition of Sweet Treats.


Photo by Leo Patrone.

I know this is a bit outdated, but in September the editors of Bon Appetit magazine asked me to share my go to party dish on Twitter. One of my tweets made it into the October issue. Here’s what I said: “My go-to party food is a fruit platter. Try to get 5-6 different kinds in a rainbow of colors. Kids & adults love it!” @onecharmingirl Since the warmer weather will be here soon I thought I’d share the easy fruit platter ideas that I mentioned in my tweet with you.


My mom and her older sister owned a catering company when I was a kid. My sisters and I were cheap labor and we would often work the events, usually getting paid $10 for a night. I would prep food, refill buffet trays and wash dishes. I washed a lot of dishes. My aunt (my mom’s older sister) passed away from breast cancer over 10 years ago and my mom closed her business after that. However, my mom still throws lots of great parties with yummy food. And she is the queen of the fruit tray–no matter what season it is, there is a fruit tray at every party. I guess that’s why it’s my go-to party food too. Plus with all of the allergies and diet restrictions these days, this is something everyone can eat.


  • Wash and dry a head of leafy green lettuce and cut off the bottom stem. Cover the base of a large serving tray with the lettuce, layering and covering every bit of the tray.
  • Pick a rainbow of colored fruit–-it will look better and give you more variety. Cut the big fruits into bite sized pieces. Cut the grapes into small clusters of 4 or 5 grapes. I like to leave the stem on the strawberries (or cherries if I’m using those).
  • Avoid putting two fruits of the same color next to each other (my mom taught me this too). For even more color try sprinkling some small berries on the top, like raspberries and blueberries. You can roll the wet berries in sugar if you’d like.


Photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

These versatile balloon birthday invitations are colorful and cute. Just print the adorable invites onto matte white cardstock or have your local printer print them. Fill out and use a #10 envelope.

balloon birthday invitations

Photography, design and styling by Alma Loveland.

If you want a number birthday candle, you have very few options to pick from. Which is surprising with the resurgence of classic party ware. Don’t give up, just decorate your own. You can have a glittery birthday candle and pick the color too. If you’re worried about glitter getting all over your frosting, there is a solution: edible glitter. The glitter still sparkles like crazy, but it is safe to eat, so you won’t mind one bit if it gets on everything. I love the edible glitter so much I had to sprinkle it on the icing too. See below for a glitter candles diy.

You will need: ModPodge (or other non-toxic craft glue), edible glitter, plain number birthday candle

Using a clean paintbrush, cover the front of the candle with a thin coat of ModPodge. Cover just outside the lines of the candle color, covering up the red outline too. Sometimes the wax will cause it to bead up slightly, just keep recoating until it is covered. Sprinkle with a good coat of glitter and tap off excess. Let dry. Flip and do the other side of the number candle. Let dry. Use a clean, dry paintbrush to brush off any excess glitter. Pop this sparkly little number in a cupcake or on top of a birthday cake and make a wish!

Photography, design and styling by Jenny Batt

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