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Add a special handmade touch to your child’s next birthday with diy birthday candles on their cake!

You will need: candle wax & wick  (available at any craft store), Crayola color crayons broken into pieces, 2 glass jars

How to melt your wax: Place the wax into one of the glass jars. Put the glass jar in a pot of water on the stove. Turn the stove on to a medium low and let the wax slowly melt. Add a little bit of a Crayola color crayon to color your wax to color it. Mix different crayons together for unique colors.

How to make your candle: Take a string of wick a bit longer than you want the candle and dip all but the end of it into the hot wax. Try to avoid touching the sides or bottom of the glass jar. Quickly pull the wick out and dip it in the jar of cold water to set your wax. Repeat until you have the desired candle thickness.

Photos, design and styling by Sara Schmultz.

The color combo of tangerine, lemon and mint are just the right mix of summer and sweetness.

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 Ideas complied by Sara Schmultz.

What is the first thing every good hostess offers her guest? Something to drink! Make things easy on yourself by filling a large glass drink dispenser with water ahead of time so guests can help themselves both as they arrive and throughout the party.

Best Drink Dispenser

Party Must Have Drink Dispenser

Look for a versatile dispenser that is understated and elegant so it can dress up or down and fit seamlessly with a variety of party themes. We promise a quality drink dispenser is a good investment — it’s like having a third arm and definitely no place to skimp since nobody likes a leaky spout.

Hostess Favorite Beverage Dispenser

Our pick is this gorgeous Glass Drink Dispenser from Pottery Barn. The sturdy metal construction and thick glass will be ready to celebrate with you again and again. Plus it comes carefully packaged in foam and double-layer cardboard, which you’ll want to save for securely storing and transporting.

For most events we like to set out two dispensers — a big one for water and another filled with a special drink that coordinates with the party theme. So we love that the drink dispensers from Pottery Barn come in a coordinating small and large size.

Photography, design and styling by Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry.

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