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Make these glow stick holders as a perfect party favor, or just as a great gift to give to neighbor kids.

4th of July glowstick holder 1

Directions: To make the glow stick holders, print out the glow stick printable onto a piece of heavy card stock, 8-1/2″ x 11″. Cut out the holders. Using an xacto knife, cut the slits in the middle of the holder. Slip the glow sticks through the slits. For cuteness, have the glow sticks stick out of either end of the holder.

4th of July glowstick holder 2

4th of July glowstick holder 3


Happy Thanksgiving! We have FREE printable Thanksgiving placecards for you. They pair nicely with our Colorful Thanksgiving. There are 6 cards, each says “thank you” in a different language. Fold in the middle and write your guest’s name on the front AND the back… which can be really helpful if you have a gathering where not everyone knows each other. Enjoy!

Photography, design and styling by Alma Loveland.

A bunch of popcorn and a great movie (we recommend an old classic like Alfred Hitchock’s North By Northwest) is all you really need to host a fun movie night. Of course we’re all about the decorative details, and so we couldn’t resist making an adorable single-serve printable popcorn box for your guests.

printable popcorn box

Popcorn Boxes

Printable Popcorn Box free template

To make popcorn boxes download and print our free popcorn box template. NOTE: you will need TWO copies of the template per box. Using a craft knife, cut out the box artwork. Score and crease along all the edges. Apply double-sided tape to the tab labeled “Part A” on both of your cut outs. Attach the two together so that Part B on the first cut out is overlapping the Part A tab on your second cutout. Fold the templates around so the box will begin to take shape. Secure the remaining Part A to the underside at Part B. Now with the box upside down, fold the bottom white tabs inward and secure with double-sided tape.

Photography, design and styling by Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry.

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