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Kids love having games to play on holidays. They don’t have to be anything big or elaborate, just something simple and fun. This St. Patrick’s Day serve Lucky Shamrock Cupcakes for a little treat and a little surprise!


These aren’t just cupcakes, but a game of luck as well. The aim of the game is to eat the “lucky” cupcake – which is filled with green shamrock quins. There is only one cupcake with the lucky shamrocks, so there can only be one winner!


To make the cupcakes you will need: unfrosted cupcakes, green frosting, cupcake icing kitshamrock striped cupcake ringsgreen shamrock quins, knife

First, gently cut out a small hole into one of the cupcakes. Only make the hole go about half way down into the cupcake, and only about 1/2 inch wide. Fill the cupcake with the green shamrock quins. Frost all the cupcakes and top with the adorable shamrock striped cupcake rings. I also dressed mine up a little more by placing them in a second baking liner and then into a nut cup.




Have these adorable cupcakes at a party, or as an after school treat! You’ll keep all the kids guessing until the “lucky” cupcake is found. And then you’ll finally know who really is the luckiest one!


What would St. Patrick’s Day be without a healthy dose of emerald green and at least a touch of gold? We’ve taken a peek into the One Charming Party archives for plenty of great green and gold printables and project ideas that are sure to bring a little luck to whatever special St. Patrick’s Day festivities you’re planning this year.

st. patrick's day ideas

St. Patrick’s Day Ideas: 1. Pot O’ Gold Printable | 2. Patrick’s Pot Printable Labels | 3. Lucky Day Printable Bag Toppers | 4. DIY Lucky Charms | 5. Printable St. Patrick’s Day Subway Art | 6. St. Paddy’s Day Smoothies

Round up by Kristen Magee.

Your child will feel extra lucky on St. Patrick’s Day with these fun felt pins. No need to worry about finding a green shirt, simply pin one of these on for instant safety from being pinched on St. Patrick’s Day!


You will need: “It’s my lucky day” printable and templates, craft felt, bar pins, tacky glue or glue gun

First, cut out the “lucky” circles with a 2 inch circle punch. Then cut out the template shapes. Next, use the template to cut shapes out of your craft felt. Glue your shapes together in whatever combinations you want. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and try different combinations. Once your felt is glues together, glue a bar pin on the back. Let the glue completely dry.




You can also use this idea as a great party activity. Have all of the children make their own pins and then trade with each other for a fun collection of lucky pins to take home.

Photography, design and styling by Sara Schmutz

Lucky little four leaf clover bags make an adorable accessory for any event that needs a little extra green. Whether they are filled with delicious gold coins as St. Patrick’s Day favors or as prizes at the end of a treasure hunt, these cute bags are  a must have for this year’s celebration.


You will need: 3×4 inch muslin bags, freezer paper, clover craft punch, acrylic craft paint (most supplies can be found at craft stores, like Michael’s Craft)

Directions: Punch a clover out of a piece of freezer paper. With a clothes iron, iron the freezer paper square, wax side down, onto your muslin bag. Place a scrap piece of paper inside your muslin bag to prevent the paint from soaking onto the back. Paint over the clover punch. Peel off the freezer paper and allow your bag to dry.




You can make as many clover prints on your bag as you want, just repeat the instructions above and allow the paint to dry in between each clover. This same idea can be repeated on a bigger tote, shirt, scarf or basically anything you might want to wear on St. Patrick’s Day!

Photography, design and styling by Sara Schmutz.

Chartreuse, lime, olive, mint, kelly … there are just as many wonderful shades of green as there are paper goods and craft supplies in this fresh color. Check out this collection of gorgeous green goodies (and a lucky four leaf clover, too), which are just the thing for creating springtime gift packages and tags, party favors, St. Patrick’s Day treats, and handmade cards and crafts galore!


St. Patrick’s Day Green Ideas … 1. Iridescent Glitter from Martha Stewart Crafts | 2. Green Ribbons from Kate’s Paperie | 3. Small Dots Gift Wrap from Caspari | 4. Lime Green, Firefly, and Holly Stickles | 5. Watermelon Green Stripe Candy Bags from Bake It Pretty | 6. Four Leaf Clover Paper Punch from Martha Stewart Crafts | 7. Green Divine Twine

Ideas by Kristen Magee.

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