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I hope that I’ve shown you how easy it can be to throw a fun teen party. A little imagination can go a long way.

At last, the key to the Halloween Mixed-up Mystery Menu.
1. Fork: Witch’s Broom
2. Knife: Devilish Dagger
3. Spoon: Skeleton Shovel
4. Sauce: Bat’s Blood
5. Garlic Bread: Vampire Venom
6. Parmesan Cheese: Moldy Bones
7. Spaghetti: Mummy Brains
8. Green Salad: Goblin Guts
9. Drink: Wormy Juice
10. Fruit with Spider Toothpick: Spider Slime
11. Cupcake: Head of Hedwig
12. Vanilla Ice Cream with Fly: Ghostly Goo

halloween fruit
I’m not sure if I’ve explained the whole concept of this party fully. This was a three course meal where each guest filled out a menu themselves, picking what they would eat for each course. No two dinners were served up the same. The fun part is that the drink, utensils, and food, all have different names–scary, spooky names. So no one really knows what they are ordering. Then each course is brought out separately and someone might get all utensils and no food, or a cupcake and spaghetti sauce. It’s a fun, wacky way to celebrate Halloween.

This is my party suggestion: have a few friends on hand to help. Also, set up food stations where you can find each menu item. I had silverware in one spot, the drinks in another, the pasta and sauce on the stove, etc. And I had a decoding menu “key” in a central location so that we could figure out what to serve up. Each of my helpers and myself were assigned to different kids. For the person we were assigned to, we filled their order for that course, we took their food out to them, and we cleared their plates. This kept everything running smoothly and we could make sure that every teen got their food and wasn’t waiting.

I totally cheated on this one. The party was held at the home of a woman who decorates her house insanely cute for every holiday, including Halloween. I wish you could see all of the cool stuff she had.
halloween table 1
halloween table 2

halloween game
The kids actually ate the whole dinner really quickly, in about an hour. After they were done we played The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow. I really like this game for a crowd. Everyone is given a card–some are townspeople and some are werewolves. The townspeople have to figure out who the werewolves are without getting themselves eliminated from the game. And it’s a good ice breaker for awkward teens who don’t always know how to interact with the opposite sex, know what I mean?

halloween dishes
For this party I used several different dishes to lessen the confusion when we were serving up the food. It was all part of my mastermind scheme: orange for the salad, white for the pasta, glass bowls for the fruit, etc. For your party please, please don’t give in and use paper plates. Remember to keep your Halloween Green. I know what you’re thinking, “But Brittany you have a lot more dishes than I do.” No, I have a lot more pink and blue dishes than you do. It was hard for me to come up with Halloween colored dishes too. But you can make it work, just use a little creativity.

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