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Sail into Thanksgiving with a kid’s table that’s ready to entertain. Set the stage for this exciting adventure with a ship full of veggies. With its white sail and boatload of vegetables, this Pilgrim Centerpiece is sure to please parents and kids alike.

If you’d like to add some teepees to your table, print and cut out the printables (download link below). Fold along the grey lines. Glue the tab to the other side of the teepee to stand it up. Scatter the little tents around your table centerpiece, or place one at each placesetting for your guests.

For the boat, print out both sides of the base and its sail (download link below). Tape the sides of the boat together. Prop it up and put in a regular size soup bowl. Fill bowl with vegetables. Use a wooden skewer and slide through the holes in the sail. Stick skewer into the vegetables to prop up the sail. You are then ready to set sail, captain!

Photography, design and styling by Sara Schmutz

Turn the kid’s table at your Thanksgiving feast into a special surprise. It can be boring waiting for all of the food to finish cooking. Keep your kids and younger guests busy with their own teepee tablecloth playhouse. Secure the tablecloth to the table if you’re nervous about it falling off. Or better yet, wait to put any breakable dishes on the top until playtime is over.

You will need: enough canvas to cover your table to the floor (this is a canvas drop cloth from the hardware store–washed and dried), fabric paint, sponge paint brush, iron, freezer paper, ruler and an exacto knife.

Using a ruler and an exacto knife, cut a zig zag line out of a sheet of freezer paper. Iron the freezer paper onto the bottom edge of the canvas tablecloth. Carefully sponge the paint onto the cutout area. Repeat along the entire bottom edge of the canvas using new freezer paper for each section if necessary. Let fabric paint dry and follow any additional instructions listed on the fabric paint bottle, if applicable. Cut a slit in the canvas to create an opening.

tablecloth playhouse

thanksgiving tablecloth teepee

Photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great weekend!

happy thanksgiving

If you’re having a casual Thanksgiving dinner and you want to add a pop of color to your table, try cutting up old flannel shirts or leftover flannel fabric scraps for easy Thanksgiving napkins. There is something so cozy and warm about flannel at this time of year. And these napkins are great for the kid’s table too. You won’t be worried about messy little mouths and hands staining your good napkins.

To carry this theme a little further, add a hint of the outdoors. These drink coasters were made by cutting wooden rounds from trimmed tree branches.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat. Styling help by Aimee Error.

Have you thought about using Thanksgiving placemats for kids? If you have a very traditional place setting for Thanksgiving dinner, the kids might feel left out. You can still include them by letting them help set the table. These gorgeous placemats will even show them where everything goes (and they can even color on them). A mini etiquette lesson and a future masterpiece–bonus.

Thanksgiving Placemats for Kids

Thanksgiving Placemats for Kids

For some kids, the muted colors and autumnal themes of Thanksgiving aren’t exciting at all. To liven up the kids table, these colorful placemats keep children happy and entertained (Robot and Jungle placemats also available). And don’t forget to include a stripey straw, handkerchief napkin, and fun utensils.

Thanksgiving Placemats for kids

Thanksgiving Placemats for kids

Thanksgiving Placemats for kids

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

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