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Sail into Thanksgiving with a kid’s table that’s ready to entertain. Set the stage for this exciting adventure with a ship full of veggies. With its white sail and boatload of vegetables, this Pilgrim Centerpiece is sure to please parents and kids alike.

If you’d like to add some teepees to your table, print and cut out the printables (download link below). Fold along the grey lines. Glue the tab to the other side of the teepee to stand it up. Scatter the little tents around your table centerpiece, or place one at each placesetting for your guests.

For the boat, print out both sides of the base and its sail (download link below). Tape the sides of the boat together. Prop it up and put in a regular size soup bowl. Fill bowl with vegetables. Use a wooden skewer and slide through the holes in the sail. Stick skewer into the vegetables to prop up the sail. You are then ready to set sail, captain!

Photography, design and styling by Sara Schmutz

Fall is known for its beautiful array of colors. Bring a bright autumn spectrum to the kid’s table with our striped 11×17 printable placemats and color-strip centerpiece. Come back tomorrow to see how the centerpiece doubles as an activity and party favor.

Colorful Stripe Thanksgiving Placemats OneCharmingParty.com #thanksgiving #printable

How to make perfectly crisp Place Cards OneCharmingParty.com #thanksgiving #placecards #tutorial

Each child will be excited to see their name written on crisp, white placecards. The secret to sharply folded cards is to score the paper using the Martha Stewart Mini Scoring Board — it actually saves you time on folding too.

How to make perfectly crisp Place Cards OneCharmingParty.com #thanksgiving #placecards #tutorial

HOW TO MAKE PLACE CARDS: Cut white cardstock into 2.5 x 3-inch pieces, one for each guest. Score down the center and fold in half.

Photography, design and styling by Bettijo B. Hirschi and Aimée Lowry.

Day 3:  We thought up this fun Thanksgiving Quiz full of turkey trivia to challenge reading age kids. You can use it at your Thanksgiving dinner or for a school classroom party. Or try it out yourself to see how much you know. We’ve included an answer sheet as well.

Taking a test is almost fun if you have a cool pencil. To make this easy feather pencil all you need are some pencils, feathers and natural colored floral tape. With a small piece of the floral tape, attach the feathers to where the eraser is and wrap the tape around. Now sharpen those pencils and ace this pop quiz.

Turkey Trivia Quiz PDF
Turkey Trivia Answers PDF

Photo by Sara Westbrook.

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