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Whether watching the Olympics on TV or hosting an event at your house, everyone can cheer for their team with their own Olympic Team Flags.

olympic team flags

You will need: 20″ x 14″ sheet of paper or crepe paper, alphabet stencils, ice cream cups, acrylic paints (blue, red, black, green, &  yellow), painting sponge, wooden dowel

Add the Olympic rings to your flag by using a paper ice cream cup or plastic cup as a stamp. Simple dip the top of the cup in paint and stamp it onto your flag. Show your support for your team by adding the team’s name to your flag with the paint and stencils.

olympic flag diy

diy olympic flag

usa olympic flag diy

olympic team flags

After you are done painting your flag, let it dry completely before gluing it to the dowel. To glue it to the dowel, simply put glue on the edge of the flag and roll the glued edge of the flag around the dowel. Hold it in place until the glue has dried.

Photography, design and styling by Sara Schmultz.

Award all the children at your Olympic gathering with their own Olympic gold medal {cookies}!

You will need: your favorite sugar cookie recipe, frosting, red ribbon (1-1/2″ wide x about 24″ long, each), clear cello bag with tie (3-1/2″ x 5″), yellow sprinkles, gold medal printable, 2″ circle punch

Did you know? Your local bakery may be able to print onto edible paper. This sheet was printed at a local Albertson’s bakery. It cost $6 for the sheet. Any bakery that does cake decorating should be able to print one for you, but call before you go. Also, some bakeries will not print without you purchasing a cake as well. After it’s printed, use a standard 2 inch circle punch to punch out your medals. Make your sugar cookies according to directions and cut them out  slightly larger than 2 inches.

olympic gold medal cookies

olympic gold medal cookies

Once the cookies have baked and cooled, frost them. Top the cookies with an edible gold medal while the frosting is still wet. Sprinkle the edges with sprinkles for a finished look!

Put your cookies into the clear cello bags. Tie up your bags and gently hot glue the bag onto a ribbon for a completed gold medal. Everyone’s a winner!

Photography, design and styling by Sara Schmultz.

Be inspired by the colors of the Summer Olympics this week.

summer olympics 2013

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