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I’m talking about birthday traditions this week. The first one was birthday breakfasts. I’d love to hear your birthday traditions, either growing up or new ones, in the comments.

I never need an excuse to throw a party and I love it when there’s an even bigger reason to celebrate. I was at a friend’s house the other day and she was showing me pictures of her son’s adorable birthday party. She explained that it was his “golden birthday,” also called a grand birthday, lucky birthday, or star birthday. Her son was turning the same age as the date of his birthday–he turned one and was born on the 1st. It’s a long tradition in her family and she always buys the same amount of gold balloons as the age they are turning, in this case one gold balloon. Oh, and of course she has a big party for them as well.

This tradition sounded vaguely familiar, but it wasn’t a big deal in my family growing up. However, I think that it’s an awesome idea and although both my husband’s and my golden birthdays passed when we were both young, none of my kids have had their golden birthdays yet. These are the birthdays that I have to look forward to: 10, 12, 19, 23. Not exactly super “important” birthdays, but I can’t wait to make those years extra special and hopefully pass on a new tradition to my kids.

Anyone else celebrate golden birthdays? Any tips?

I’m going to talk about birthday traditions this week. I’d love to hear your birthday traditions, either growing up or new ones, in the comments.

Friday was my middle daughter’s birthday and I started thinking about birthday traditions. When I was growing up our birthdays were always special, at least mine were. (I honestly don’t remember any of my 5 sibling’s birthdays–but we’ll analyze that another time, on a different blog). My mom would always make my favorite breakfast. I’m guessing it was either waffles or ebelskivers. We even had a special red plate that you could use on your birthday. Usually my dad would have to leave early for work, but the rest of us would eat together around the kitchen table. I know that some years I even blew out candles on my cake and opened my presents at breakfast. And my mom always bought my favorite cereal.

Soo… fast forward to me as a mommy with four little kids. One day when my kids were whining for the fun, colorful cereal at the grocery store I remembered that yummy, sugary cereal that I would get on my birthday as a child and I promised them that for their birthday they could choose a box of cereal, whatever they wanted, to have for their birthday. Normally I don’t buy my kids sugary cereal. I’m that annoying mom clogging up the food aisles who is reading every–EVERY–ingredient on the labels. I’m very picky and strict with what cereals come into our house and I have my tried and true brands that I always buy. Low sugar, no corn syrup of any kind, no BHT or BHA (artificial preservatives), no artificial colors or flavors, etc. And often organic. Yeah, I know. Right now you feel bad for my kids and are wishing every day was their birthday so they could have fun cereal more often. Sorry. Well, I’ve often forgotten about this promise but when a birthday approaches, someone always remembers and reminds me or asks the birthday kid what cereal they are getting. I let them pick out 2 cereals, one for them to have all to themselves (I know a thing or two about how quickly the “good” cereal can disappear), and one to share with the other kids. Anyhow, my kids love this tradition and look forward to it every year. And I like it too because it reminds me of when I was growing up. Ahh, nostalgia.

p.s. My favorite new tradition is when my husband makes me breakfast in bed for my birthday, but you already figured I was a breakfast in bed kind of girl, didn’t you?

So tell me, what birthday traditions do you have?

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