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What is more fun than gold confetti dotting a treat table? Metallic ‘easiest-ever’ confetti that only takes a minute to put together.

how to make the easiest-ever gold confetti

gold confetti

how to make gold confetti

To make this easy gold confetti, just grab a roll of gold foil stickers. Unpeel two stickers, match up as closely as possible, stick together and smooth out. See? Easiest ever metallic confetti, perfect for any treat table!

how to make gold confetti

These easy (and adorable!) heart shaped favor bags are the perfect compliment to a love themed soiree. Fill these bags with treats or toys and send your guests home with some love.

how to make heart shaped favor bags

how to make heart shaped favor bags

how to make heart shaped favor bags

Directions: Start with a red polka dot bag. Fold each bottom corner back, making a bottom point. Tape in place. Fold the top edge down, creasing about 1/3 of the way from the top. Fold the perforated edge under, doubling up the top fold. Fold each top corner back, meeting up with the bottom of the fold. Make a small slit in the top center of the bag, stopping after you’ve cut through all of the folded portion. Fold the center flaps away from the slit, making a heart shape. Unfold and fill with treats. Tape the top folds in place and you’re finished with your heart shaped favor bags!

how to make heart shaped favor bags

Valentine’s Day is long gone, but you can use this Love is Sweet theme for a bridal shower or to show your mom you love her. This party is a great way to remind the people you love that, well, you love them! And what better way to celebrate than a dessert table, decked out in red and pink and with generous doses of chocolate?

love is sweet party with free printables!

love is sweet valentines day party

love is sweet cake topper

love is sweet cupcake topper

love is sweet party confetti

love is sweet free party printables

love is sweet party

Even better, the Love is Sweet printable includes the cake topper, cupcake toppers and heart confetti (download below). Hopefully these goodies will make your next celebration a little bit sweeter.


These printable boy valentines are just “plane” awesome! And so easy to make. Download the pdf below. Print pages 2-3 on the front and back of the same piece of paper (you can use plain paper; a heavier paper like matte brochure paper or cover stock works best). Each page has 4 Valentines. Cut out each plane along the light grey guide lines. Fill out the “to” and “from” fields on the sides of the planes and fold as directed below. Now these are ready to fly off to the classroom, your play group, or some neighborhood friends. Up, up and away…



Photography, design and styling by Alma Loveland.

Are you on the look out for the perfect school valentine? Nothing says “you’re my best friend” like an adorable monkey, kitten, or owl. And the best part? These printable animal valentine cards are also are a convenient little box. Stuff these with treats, crayons, or no-nonsense granola.




Print on an 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper (heavy paper, like cardstock), cut, glue and stuff full of treats. Have your kids join in on the fun by picking what animal to give each friend as well as helping out with the cutting and gluing. On the back is a cute little saying with just enough room at the bottom for your child’s signature.

Click to download the Cat Valentine

Click to download the Monkey Valentine

Click to download the Owl Valentine

Photography, design and styling by Sara Schmutz

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