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pioneer 2happy birthday

American Girl Party. This party was set in an old ice house and had a very pioneer, barn like feel. It was perfect. Try looking for a cool place to host your next party that compliments the theme. Also, take advantage of what’s included with the rental. This place had a small kitchen, tables and chairs, and nearby bathrooms.

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artist p room
Don’t want to have a messy painting party at your house? Check out your local community center for great rooms to rent. This one was only $20 per hour, plus a refundable cleaning deposit. Community centers also often have other rooms, like: meeting rooms, pools, and gymnasiums.

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one balloons
Ever thought about having a birthday party at a park? How about making sure that no one else can use the tables you’ve planned on decorating? For this party I rented the largest covered pavilion at the park ensuring us total use of the space. Also, most parks have bathrooms, drinking fountains and play areas to keep the kids entertained.

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