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My mom threw me the most amazing birthday parties when I was a kid. There are six children in our family so I really don’t know how she managed such great parties year after year for all of us. My birthday parties always had a bit of a vintage flair to them since there was no internet shopping back then and buying a cake at a bakery was out of the question. It was homemade all the way! Picture lots of streamers taped to the ceiling, helium filled balloons tied onto the kitchen chairs and the living room packed with kids from the neighborhood. If you want to integrate some vintage party elements into your event, it’s pretty easy and inexpensive.


Five  Essentials for a Vintage Birthday Party

1. Wrapped Presents (no gift bags with tissue please)

2. A Homemade Cake

3. Crepe Paper is a must. Twist it and tape it to the party table or the ceiling.

4. Confetti makes every party more fun. If it’s too messy for you, sprinkle it on the gift or food table.

5. Classic Party Games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Musical Chairs (for more games, check out my list of 15 Classic Party Games)

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