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This is the last Wonder Woman Party post. My husband loves chips and pickles. And sandwiches. So for this party I thought hero sandwiches would be perfect. Does anyone even call sandwiches that anymore? And don’t forget the sodas that say “Moxie” on them. Because all super heroes have moxie, right?

p.s. Sara whipped up some super hero printables if you want to use them. She used the Sound FX Font from dafont.com. Click on the image to download.

Photo by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

The tricky thing with character themed parties is not going overboard while still having some character stuff in there. It’s a fine line, one that I’m sure I crossed. But when it comes to a nostalgic party for my husband, sometimes it’s hard to refrain.

1.The cake and cupcakes were made by Simply Sweet Cakes. The cake border is simply marshmallows cut in half and stuck to the frosting.
2. The 9″ cake stand is made by Mosser Glass.
3. The super hero cake toppers are from Etsy.
4. The Wonder Woman ring toppers and cupcake liners are from Bake it Pretty.
5. The cupcake holder is from Target. But I bought it several seasons ago.
6. Oh, and the invisible jet I found on eBay. I bought it as a gift for my husband, but don’t bother. It’s really invisible. Ha ha, joke’s on me.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

Holy superheroes Batman, it’s Wonder Woman! My husband had a crush on Wonder Woman when he was young. Maybe it was her awesome costume or her invisible jet. I don’t know. But I knew that for his birthday I had to throw him a Wonder Woman party. This party is super simple, but I hope you can still get some inspiration from it.

The invitations are old school Wonder Woman cards that I bought online. The stamps are from the Super Heroes stamp collection (U.S. Postal). And I found the retro metal sign at a local antique shop. Don’t turn that dial, there will be more excitement from this party tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

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