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Wow, is it really time for Christmas shopping already? That means it’s time to think about wrapping presents too. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is gift wrapping. It started when I was young and my mom would ask me to wrap last minute presents on Christmas Eve. I made sure all of the corners were crisp and the folds were neat. When I was in college I used my hard earned money to have the expensive department stores wrap my gifts–I loved the way they looked under the tree. Now I wrap our presents at home and I use real satin ribbon and add a cute tag, candy cane or a fun ornament to the top just like the fancy schmancy stores do. (You can see my new favorite layered bow here and more gift wrapping ideas too.) And I’ve been known to (over) stock up on wrapping paper just to have a variety on hand. I’m really loving vintage wrapping paper lately. It gives my presents a retro look that’s hard to create with modern wrapping paper. And it’s extra festive this time of year!


From my collection All Wrapped Up: 1. Christmas Village | 2. Santa Baby | 3. Shiny Brite | 4. O Christmas Tree | 5. Mid Century Modern | 6. Merry Christmas USA

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Who doesn’t need some cute thank you cards tucked away in their stash of stationery? Think Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, and Birthday Party Gifts. With cute and customizable options like these, writing thank you notes will never be a chore again.

1. Fill-in-the-blank calligraphy (free printable!) template from Melissa Esplin at ISLY | 2. Personalized kids stationery from Tiny Prints | 3. Pretty letterpress boxed notes from Smock | 4. Adorable owl thank you cards from the Thank You Cards Shop | 5. Color block thank you cards from Pinhole Press | 6. Printable photo card thank yous from Freckled Expressions | 7. Customizable robot notes from Itsy Bitsy Paper | 8. Pink pennant string thank you cards from Fiore Press

Lyndsey Wells works behind the scenes for One Charming Party, but in her free time she chronicles her paper obsession at The Stationery Place. She’ll be here every month sharing some of her favorite paper ideas.

Day 8: It’s time to get all of those presents wrapped (actually, wrapping presents is one of my favorite parts of the holidays and I often leave it to the last minute). For easy and inexpensive present wrapping ideas look around your house for buttons, paper bags, leftover scraps of fabric and paper, and unused paper doilies.

1. with a sharpie marker and your best handwriting, write festive Christmas and holiday words onto a paper sack; wrap the present in the paper sack and tie with a black ribbon
2. tear strips of leftover fabric scraps into long pieces; scrunch up and sew the fabric in a straight line then tie around a present
3. fold a simple doily over the top of a bag; trim the sides
4. accordion fold a piece of colored paper and glue the inside edges together to form half a circle; repeat with another piece of paper to form a circle; glue the two halves together at the ends and embellish the center with a button

present wrapping ideas

present wrapping ideas

We’ve posted about how to wrap a present and how to wrap a present with ribbon. And we’ve posted lots of other present wrapping ideas, more present wrapping ideas, and even more present wrapping ideas. So take a look if you need some inspiration.

Styling by Aimee Error. Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

How to wrap a present with ribbon. I actually used tape to wrap the present part, but there is so much ribbon around it that I think it would hold the wrapping paper on anyway. And I love the extra color the ribbon gives this present.

wrapping a present with ribbon

Start with a wrapped present, two ribbons in different widths and colors that coordinate with the wrapping paper, some tape, and scissors. With the widest ribbon taped in back to start, wrap the ribbon around the present lengthwise three times, then tape in back again. Don’t worry about making it straight, I like the ribbon a little crooked and funky.

Using the thinner ribbon, go in between the thicker ribbon making a basket weave. Tie the thin ribbon ends together in a knot on the back. Add a letter initial of the birthday person and you’re done.

I thought I’d round up a few of the guest posts I did for other blogs last year. I hope you enjoy a little classic OCP. Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

How to wrap a present. I don’t like to put presents in cutsie bags with tissue paper–-I’m a wrapping paper girl all the way. But to keep it from getting boring I like to mix things up every once in a while. Here’s a fun and quick way to dress up a present (I’ll have another present wrapping idea tomorrow too).

how to wrap a present

how to wrap a present

how to wrap a present

Cut out a few circles from colored cardstock in different sizes. Make sure the paper coordinates with your wrapping paper. Glue the circles on top of each other, starting with the smallest on top. Add a button to make a simple flower. Wrap your present with some ribbon and you’re done!

how to wrap a present

I thought I’d round up a few of the guest posts I did for other blogs last year. I hope you enjoy a little classic OCP. Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

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